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William Llewellyn Evans & Rosina Davies married 1933

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    William Llewellyn Evans & Rosina Davies married 1933

    Hi Guys,

    Need you help again please!

    I've just got the marriage certificate for William Llewellyn Evans & Rosina Davies married 1933 in Llanelly.

    From the address of Mansel Street, I have found Rosina in the 1911 Census aged 13 - so that would make her 35 when she married - not 25 as she has put on her marriage certificate!! At the same address in 1901 her father David Robert Davies was again found but he also seems to be lying about his age (21 in 1901 and 42 in 1911!!)

    1911 census
    Name Relation Condition/
    Yrs married
    Sex Age Birth
    Occupation, Where Born

    DAVIES, Dd Robert Head Married M 42 1869 Mason Tin Works Llanelly Carm
    DAVIES, Annie Wife Married
    6 years
    F 38 1873 Llanelly Carm
    DAVIES, John Emlyn Son Single M 19 1892 Mason Tinworks Llanelly Carm
    DAVIES, Elsie Daughter F 17 1894 Llanelly Carm
    DAVIES, Rosina Daughter F 13 1898 Llanelly Carm
    DAVIES, Betsy Daughter F 0 1911 Llanelly Carm
    DAVIES, Ceridwen Daughter F 0 1911 Llanelly Carm

    1901 census
    Name Relation Condition Sex Age Birth
    Occupation Where Born

    DAVIES, Mary Head Widow F 60 1841 Carmarthen Carmarthenshire
    DAVIES, William J Son Single M 26 1875 Furnaceman In Tinplate Works Llanelly Carmarthenshire
    DAVIES, David R Son Single M 21 1880 Journeyman Mason In Tinplate Works Llanelly Carmarthenshire
    DAVIES, David J Son M 8 1893 Llanelly Carmarthenshire

    I've been trying to sort this out in my head but have now lost the plot totally! Can someone help straighten me out and find where Rosina has gone in the 1901 census and when was David Robert Davies really born??!!

    The William Llewellyn Evans and his father David Evans also seem to be hiding in the censuses - not doubt they are lying about there ages too!!! If someone can find where William is and when he was born, that would be fantastic!!

    Many, many thanks!


    Do you have the reference for the 1911 census - having trouble finding it.

    Ignore that .. found it!


      1911 census shows David Robert Davies and Annie had been married for 6 years- is this their marriage?
      Marriages Jun 1905
      DAVIES David Robert
      THOMAS Annie Maria
      Llanelly 11a 1760

      Have you found any of the children in 1901
      DAVIES, John Emlyn 1892
      DAVIES, Elsie 1894
      DAVIES, Rosina 1898
      - or do you know if they were born as Davies or Thomas ... or something else!


        Hi Elaine,
        Yes I saw the 6 years marriage and thought the entry you have shown is them. I have tried to find some of the children under Thomas but no luck - not sure whose children they are - David or Annie's - David says he's unmarried in 1901 when the children would have been alive. But I always thought if they had been the woman's children they would have been listed as step children for David?


          hi Sue, I have found them in 1881 in mansell street!! (sorry, I shouldve said David Robert Davies' mother and siblings)

          1871:again mansell st

          Source Citation: Class: RG10; Piece: 5466; Folio: 9; Page: 13; GSU roll: 850839.

          Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 5373; Folio: 24; Page: 41; Line: ; GSU roll: 1342295.

          again at mansell street
          Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 4494; Folio 86; Page 29; GSU roll: 6099604.
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            its possible they are his children, registered under his name, but they married later than expected. i have an ancestor b.1848, in 1851 she is visiting her paternal grandparents. her parents married a few years later and had more children.


              You are amazing!! Thanks so much!
              Are you able to work your magic on the Evans side?
              ours very very gratefully!


                no worries Sue, what do you want to know about the marriage cert, or is it that you are wanting people finding in the census? I did look for them in the 1861 too, but couldnt find anything much, but I will have another look
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                  Trying to find when/where William Llewellyn was born & who his parents are - there's a fascinating bit of family legend (taken with a big pinch of salt!!) that one of his Dad's (so that would be David Evans) brothers married a native American lady from South Dakota - now them I would love to find!! Thx Julie - you are a star!


                    I think the first port of call will be to see if you can find him in the 1911 census, dont suppose you have him on that? with his dad/mum?
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                      Hmm - this family is proving tricky!
                      Can't find any matches for William Llewellyn Evans with dad David in the censuses!

                      Can't find Rosina (under any surname!) in the 1901 census either - anyone help please?

                      Thx :(


                        If it were me i'd try and find him in the 1911 census first, it might be his father had died by then?
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                          my parents

                          hi, william llewellyn evans and rosina davies are my parents, my name is david llewellyn evans, my parents had three children, BERYL, DAVID(myself) and rosemarie.i am very interested to find out who is searching my family tree, and why , please make contact via my e mail address, when i could give the current family details. i was surprised to see my parents wedding certificate on the website,
                          awaiting a responce from you
                          dave evans
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                            Hello David,

                            welcome to our forum, I am sorry that I have had to remove your email address from your post, we no not permit email address' or living peoples names to be posted on the forum. Should you wish to search for living people then it is best to do this via private message and ask members to contact you via the pm system.
                            They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........


                              Hi David - I've sent you an email. Best wishes, Sue:o