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    Missing Father Help please


    William Platts was born in Leicester in 1852.
    He married Emma Jakins in Leicester in 1880
    They had 3 children:

    Thomas William Platts - 1881 - ?
    Florence Ada Platts - 1882 - 1956
    Emma Platts - 1886 - 1886

    In 1891, Florence is living in Leicester with her mother's parents Thomas & Elizabeth Jakins (listed as Flossy) & Thomas (known as William) is down as visitor in London with his mother's new family who is now Emma Curry!

    Emma Curry is "married" to William Curry with a son John Curry who was born in Leicester in 1889.

    I can not find either a death cert for William Platts or a marriage between Emma Jakins/Platts and William Curry. I have John Curry's birth cert from 1889 and it states MMN as Jakins (no mention of Platts)

    On the 1911 census it says they've been married for 23 years and she's had 4 children - 3 have died (I know this is a lie because of above children's dates and when Emma died in 1918 her daughter Florence was the informant in Leicester!)

    Has anybody got any ideas of what happened to William Platts? Because of the above dates there is a gap of about 3years between 1886-1889 when he went missing.

    Thank you for any help/advice given.

    Vicky X

    Prison? Overseas? Changed his name and ran off with someone else?How do you know he was missing 1886- 89? He may not have been with Emma, but he may have been elsewhere.
    ~ with love from Little Nell~
    Chowns, Dunt, Emms, Mealing, Purvey & Smoothy



      I can not find any William Platts, not just in Leicester, anywhere that fits the date and place of birth.

      I also have Florence's marriage cert from 1901 which states father deceased. It could be that he changed his name etc. but the fact that Emma left her children in Leicester, lived in London and lied about having living children makes me think it was her who did the running off.

      I just wondered if anybody might be able to see something I can't.


      Vicky X


        In 1881 it says William was born c.1852 Northamptonshire and young William is 1 day old so he was born 1881.

        RG11; Piece: 3169; Folio: 117; Page: 35
        Fiona. xx


          Hi Fiona,

          William's parents were both from Northampton. For some reason they moved between Northampton and Leicester where they had children in both areas - William was born in Leicester.

          Thank you