1st Dec 1864 No Home Lessons from J. Burtenshaw, W. Coomber, Tom Stoner & Sophia Holland.
2nd Dec 1864 Returned 3/11 for regularity. Home Lessons not said at all satisfactorily.
5th Dec 1864 Lower Classes very noisy. Second Dictation better; Susan Dival, Billy Coomber H. Grover and Stoner no Home Lesson.
6th Dec 1864 Elizabeth Purse’s attendance so irregular that notice must be taken if no alteration occurs. Work fairly good
7th Dec 1864 Several First Class Girls showed their temper when expected to do a little difficult work.
8th Dec 1864 Ink spilled about the desks very much. Susan Dival again with no Home Lessons.
9th Dec 1864 Fourth Class very noisy. Returned 2/10 for regular attendance. Sophia Holland task to learn at noon Susan Divall again no Home Lessons.
12th Dec 1864 Attendance not so good as usual for the time of year. Jem & Rich Stone returned to school, no doubt with an eye to the treat.
13th Dec 1864 Lower classes very noisy. Second dictation very bad, some of the writing especially so.
14th Dec 1864 Left of (sic) giving lessons to second division of band until after Xmas. Work as usual.
15th Dec 1864 Fred Upton is often away in afternoon, when supposed to be here. Make enquiries.
16th Dec 1864 Returned 3/0 for regularity. Gave notice to scholars to bring mothers’ names who wish to come to the treat.
19th Dec 1864 Snow: attendance small. Third very bad in Arithmetic. Second dictation better than usual but not very first rate in Arithmetic.
20th Dec 1864 Attendance better this morning. Application made to admit two fresh scholars after Xmas.
21st Dec 1864 Lower classes very noisy. Gaston punished for inattention in arithmetic.
22nd Dec 1864 A great many late. Gave out some tickets for the School Treat: must give out the remainder to morrow.
23rd Dec 1864 Attendance thin considering the day. Gave notice of school treat and fortnights holiday as usual. School treat Wednesday 28th instant. Returned 2/5 for regularity.
26th Jan to 9th Jan Fortnight Holiday