1st Nov 1864 Many absent – several late, Fourth very troublesome.
2nd Nov 1864 Sent post off(ice) order to N.S. for school apparatus. Work as usual.
3rd Nov 1864 Several late, half the class girls absent. Second Class very defective at Tables
4th Nov 1864 Returned 3/2 for regularity : Books etc. received from N.S. Pamela Symmons reading very bad. Many absent.
7th Nov 1864 106 Present, only two late. Anne Cooke and Lucy Godsmark. Several absent. Assistant Master ill with bad throat.
8th Nov 1864 Anne Cooke and Lucy Godsmark late as usual. Work as usual.
9th Nov 1864 The Second Class Dictation very bad. Lower classes noisy as usual.
10th Nov 1864 Work as usual.
11th Nov 1864 Returned for regular attendance 4/11. Must pay greater attention to Second Class Dictation.
14th Nov 1864 Present 111. School pence 13/0. None late except Stoner. W. Coomber and Upton absent when particularly desired to be here.
15th Nov 1864 James Johnson lost his Home Lesson Book – must pay for it. Second Dictation very bad. None late
16th Nov 1864 None late. Dictation in Second Class much better. Work in other classes as usual.
17th Nov 1864 First Class began fractions. Very wet day attendance good for today. Dictation in Second bad. Pierce having 15 words wrong G. Maynard 11.
18th Nov 1864 Returned 3/7 for regularity. Work as usual.
21st Nov 1864 Present 110. School pence 13/0 about. The Newnhams absent last Friday without leave.
22nd Nov 1864 Wet; but attendance good; nothing of importance occurred, work going on very evenly throughout the Day. Commenced with a lower division of the Band.
23rd Nov 1864 Attendance good considering the Weather several First Class kept for Home Lessons.
24th Nov 1864 Anne Cooke will not learn Home Lesson, reason mother has something else for me to do.
25th Nov 1864 Returned 3/7 for regularity. Work as usual.
28th Nov 1864 Very wet, only 98 present in consequence. In the 6th Class only 16 present out of 41. Newnhams have left in consequence of parent removing from the neighbourhood
29th Nov 1864 S. Holland no Home Lesson. T. Stoner lost his Home Lesson Book. Second Class very idle and inattentive.
30th Nov 1864 First Class Home Lessons not said by – J. Burtenshaw Susan Divall and T Stoner.