1st Sep 1864 Great many late comers; seems to be a new thing since Holidays. Work as usual.
2nd Sep 1864 Gave notice that children not present 5 minutes past 9am and 1.35 pm; will be marked as absent in future; and thereby forfeit the ½ d granted for regularity. Hannah Harmes gave notice that she wished to give up teaching.
5th Sep 1864 113 present; 13/6 school pence; Edward Packham absent; gone to Maidstone.
6th Sep 1864 Children in time, none late. First class to learn Weights and Measures; Second catechism.
7th Sep 1864 Children very troublesome especially in lower classes – 5 & 6 a heavy handful. Work as usual.
8th Sep 1864 Charles Packham punished for playing truant 10.30 promised not to do so again. 11-12 Arithmetic in the second class greatly improving. 1.30 Sam Upton allowed to go home for a few minutes.
9th Sep 1864 Returned 1/9 for regularity – attendance exceedingly good considering the unsettled weather. Girls particularly noisy in afternoons. 109 present
12th Sep 1864 Numbers steadily increasing 120 present 13/0 pence about. Two new ones admitted. Work as usual.
13th Sep 1864 Sam Upton punished for being lazy. Work in the Second Class especially during Arithmetic.
Great noise in Fourth Class.
14th Sep 1864 Raised some children a class higher in rank among the Infants. Work as usual.
15th Sep 1864 Work commenced better than generally but flagged towards noon. Two of the classes kept in for bad behaviour during dismissal.
16th Sep 1864 Returned 3/0 for regular attendance. 82 only present today owing to rain. Held 1 hours practice with the band.
19th Sep 1864 Many children came without school pence. 112 present. One new boy admitted.
20th Sep 1864 First & Second classes very lazy in Arithmetic. Kept them in ½ hour if it occurs again. Work as usual in other classes
21st Sep 1864 Rumoured that Fred Cook 2nd Class is in the habit of playing truant. 1st and 2nd Classes kept till 12.30.
22nd Sep 1864 9.15a.m. Rumours respecting Cook correct; - is absent again this morning; - 9.30 many late.
23rd Sep 1864 G Maynard S. Maynard, Harriet Maynard & Ellen Leppard kept for Home Lessons. Note from F Cook’s mother wishing him not to be punished for Truant Playing. Returned 3/6 for regularity.
N.B. Anne Cooke late every noon this week.
26th Sep 1864 School Pence 13/0. Present 112. Allcorns have left the district. Cook, Maynard, Upton, Burtenshaw kept for home lessons also Tom Stoner.
27th Sep 1864 Second Class Home Less[ons]. Better learnt, still Cook and Maynard kept. Stoner again kept in First Class. Julia Watkins very late.
28th Sep 1864 Second Class Home Lessons very badly learnt; kept in at noon 30m:- Fourth noisy.
29th Sep 1864 George and Helen Maynard kept at home ill; Seconds home lessons better learnt; work as usual. E Todman left her Lesson Bk at home; several absent from second class.
30th Sep 1864 James Johnson kept at noon for Home Lesson. Anne Cooke’s conduct dreadfully bad. 3/0 returned for Regularity.