2nd May 1864 School thinner owing to the old custom of carrying “garlands” from house to house. Better attendance in the afternoon. School working well.
3rd May 1864 Received notice that “smallpox” is about, must inform the Rev. R.E. Wyatt. Heard that Chas Newnham played truant yesterday afternoon: spoke to him about it; found his sister as bad as himself.
4th May 1864 John Bailey 2/3 mr.
Geo. L. Bailey asst mr.
R.L. Koe H.M.I
Number on register 145, present 118. No. presented for exam 59. Infants under 6. 25.
5th May 1864 Progress as usual. Ascension Day: Service in the Evening.
6th May 1864 Gave notice of no Practice of choir this evening. Returned 3/0 for regularity.
9th May 1864 Very wet; poor attendance – no school pence, the children being allowed to come for one week because they attended last Wednesday.
10th May 1864 114 present, placed several a class higher in the school and admitted two new scholars. Second class and part of first busy at tables.
11th May 1864 Wet day; but few present. Kept Second busy at tables – rest work as usual.
12th May 1864 Present 108. Very noisy – especially in lower classes. Work as usual.
13th May 1864 104 present. Hannah Harmes absent on acct. of brother’s death – no pence returned (Vide 9th)
16th May 1864 Admitted three new scholars. School pence 13/0 about: 108 present. ½ Holiday being Whit Monday.
17th May 1864 Heat oppressive; send small children out into the playground for ½ an hour.
18th May 1864 Hot; and children troublesome, sent children out in afternoon. Progress as usuall. (sic)
19th May 1864 Harriet Maynard punished for idleness during Arithmetic Lesson. Assistant Master allowed to go out 1 hour earlier; school quiet in the afternoon.
20th May 1864 Much talking with 2nd C. girls; both morning and afternoon. Find a decided improvement in 3rd C. writing. Returned 3/0 for regularity.
23rd May 1864 124 present; 16/0 school pence. Little ones very noisy
24th May 1864 Pick out four boys to join the Choir as Probationers. Dick Walters very troublesome.
25th May 1864 Punished C Newnham for running about on the school wall. School door key broken; sent to Mr Baker. Wrote to Nat. Socy. Dept. for “Ink”.
26th May 1864 Progress as usual
27th May 1864 Returned for regular attendance 2/8. Great noise in lower classes.
30th May 1864 127 present. Work as usual but great noise with it.
31st May 1864 Very quiet this morning. Fred Upton & John Gaston behaved badly.