The entries from St Wilfrid's School Logbooks, Haywards Heath, Sussex for February 1864.

1st Feb 1864 Present 109. James Johnson absent without leave. Admitted Charity Whatford. School pence 12/0 about.
2nd Feb 1864 Hannah Harmes returns to school and takes charge of the 5th Class.
3rd Feb 1864 Harry Grover found a lady’s apron on his road to school. Wet morning, attendance slightly diminished. School made very dirty at noon, by the children running in and out. Punished Waller for breaking a slate. Girls particularly noisy.
4th Feb 1864 Great alteration made in the classes. First Class having been small for some time, it was thought necessary to raise the children a class higher.
5th Feb 1864 107 present. Returned 2.1 for regular attendance. Notice that the Fourth Class under the care of James Durtnell is very still and hard at work.
8th Feb 1864 Number present 107. School pence about 14/0/ Richard Curl kept at home; family have scarlet fever in the house.
9th Feb 1864 Boys wished to have a half holiday, it being Shrove Tuesday – refused but granted them an extra half hour at noon for sliding.
10th Feb 1864 Emma Butcher, one of the Monitors absent again – Esther Todman to teach all the week for her. Ellen Lepperd placed in the Second C.
11th Feb 1864 Kept in part of the first Class for Arithmetic. Two Tidy’s and Thos. Ockenden absent without leave. Suppose the two former are playing truant
12th Feb 1864 Very wet only 49 present. Punished Charles Newnham for mistakes in his copy book.
15th Feb 1864 Admitted two fresh scholars Anne & Charles Carr from Lindfield British School. Number present 109. School pence 12/0.
16th Feb 1864 Election of medallists for next 3 months the following were successful viz
First Class- Thos. Ockenden 18 votes & Esther Todman 15 votes.
Second Class. John Gaston 15, Thos Stoner 15, Third Class Rhoda Chatfield Eliz. Knight 11
17th Feb 1864 Several of the girls punished for calling names; and afterwards some of the boys. Thos. Stoner 50 lines to write at noon.
18th Feb 1864 Gave Fred Upton a caning for bringing snow into the school. Third Class very noisy and troublesome.
19th Feb 1864 Snow, only 87 present. Returned for regular attendance 2s 9d.
22nd Feb 1864 110 present. John Bellchamber attends school again after an absence of 12 months. Admit one girl – Margaret Mackenzie. School pence 13/11.
23rd Feb 1864 A good deal of bread throwing about the school supposed to belong to the little Packham.
24th Feb 1864 The whole of the First Class boys, two second class, and one third ΒΌ of an hour late, punished them, and Thomas Tidey refused to do as he was ordered. He said he would come in the afternoon. Reported to the Rev. R.E. Wyatt.
25th Feb 1864 Edward Cook broke a slate; punished. Several of the older girls made the school in a very dirty state, by running in and out at noon.
26th Feb 1864 Complaint made that the first class girls are in the habit of annoying Harriet Maynard; made inquiries but found one side as bad as the other. Returned 3/1 for regular attendance.
29th Feb 1864 110 children present. School pence 13/2. Made inquiries about Mary Jones leaving at 3p.m. and found it was not right. Mary Ann Bristow and Harry Wicher left at 3p.m