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Changing font size in the Person Notes section

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  • Gardengirl
    I think you should be able to copy and paste from FTM into Word.

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  • Changing font size in the Person Notes section

    I have used the person notes section to write memories, stories etc. of many of the people in my tree. I am printing these up and placing them into a binder. Notes that are only a few pages long seem fine as far as font size. My personal notes however encompass dozens of pages and after printing the font is very small, maybe #6. I can increase the font size however when I do it throws off all the paragraphs and headings so they are no longer in the correct order. I suppose I should have written the notes in MS word and not inside FTM. Too late now however. Does anyone have suggestions how to fix this other than retyping the whole thing into MSword. thanks