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    Ancestry Questions

    For a long time I have held off using Ancestry but have now taken out subscription, I don't really want to use many of their records I just want to float my tree on there to see who else might be researching 'my' names. I use Family Historian and want to keep my main tree on my computer so I've copied my file and deleted everything apart from the BMD entries which is all that I want to upload to my Ancestry tree, however I am left with living people and although the only information left is their name and BM details which are readily available from other sources I would really like them to be private, so, do Ancestry automatically denote people as 'Living' if they have a recent birth date? And, as I will want to keep reloading a new tree when I have added several more names do I have to do a new Ancestry tree each time or will the old one be overwritten?

    Sorry the questions must seem very basic to all of you who have used Ancestry for years, but since GR this will be the first on-line tree that I have uploaded anywhere. I have also looked at the McKiev (spelling?) programme but if I used that every bit of information that I hold would be backed up to Ancestry and I don't really want that though keeping the Ancestry tree up to date would be easier, but at least using FH I can delete all the information that I don't want others to have ready access too.

    Any help will be appreciated, also I assume that there are Ancestry Forums, which is the best one?

    Oh dear so many rather basic (or stupid?) questions, but hopefully someone will be able to give me some answers or at least point me in the right direction for answers.

    No question is stupid Margaret.
    This is what Ancestry says about Privacy in a "Public Tree":

    All living people are private, even in public family trees.

    People marked as “living” in family trees are not visible in searches at any privacy level. Living people are visible only to the tree owner and to anyone the tree owner invites to the tree and authorizes to see living people. If no death information is provided, people under 100 years old are considered to be living.

    You can make your tree completely Private and still be able to search and view any other public trees on there. You will also see whether the person you are searching for exists in a private tree - in this case you would need to contact the owner of the tree for further info.

    Adding new people:
    You have to add manually. The Ancestry tree cannot be overwritten with a new Gedcom.

    Mackiev Family Tree Maker does not automatically synch with Ancestry you have to do this manually. However you can make any info private in FTM so that if you do decide to synch with your Ancestry tree that info will remain private. You have control.
    Some people use FTM without having a tree on Ancestry at all. However there is the facility to search Ancestry and Family Search and download the info to your FTM tree.

    Message Boards:
    The world's largest online genealogy community with over 25 Million posts on more than 198,000 boards. LOL you would need to search here for the forum you are interested in.


      If the only thing you will want to do is have a tree on ancestry, you don’t need a paid subscription, a free guest sub will do. Should you ever find a record that you do want to view, note it down and wait till one of their free weekends.
      Also, with having to upload a new gedcom when you have made revisions to your offline one - if you invited anyone to your tree, you will have to re-invite then to the new one each time you upload a different version.
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        Ancestry don't show people who could be living (100 years since birth or less) to others who see the tree. If you haven't put a death for the person and they were born less than 100 years ago they are marked 'private' and no details at all are shown.

        There are two exceptions I have found.
        1. You can invite someone to see your tree with all the living people.
        2. I have seen that if someone deliberately marks a person's living or dead status as 'unknown' then they are shown including, I have noticed, currently quite young people.
        I believe you have to deliberately mark the 'unknown' although I'm not sure how they do it!



          Thanks for your answers, I'm still undecided but it looks as if the easiest way would be for me to splash out on FTM rather than create a new tree every time that I wanted to update my tree on Ancestry.

          I've just had a quick search for some of the names on my tree, gosh, there is a lot of tripe on there and some people seem to have thousands and thousands of names, if I do put my tree on there I think that I'll wait and see if anyone contacts me.


            Make your tree private but searchable. That way folks could find a match but they will have to message you within ancestry to ask for more details. It’s then up to you to decide what, if anything you share with them and whether or not you want to send them an invite to your tree. Making everything completely public lays you open to others wholesale copying your research and sadly some folks attach info to the wrong people in their trees which other people then copy in turn so errors spread far and wide.


              Thank you GallowayLass, that sounds like good advice, I noticed some real howlers when I checked out 'my' names yesterday, I know that I could be wrong with some of my research, but at least the mistakes are mine and can be re-researched and changed if necessary.


                Well I've taken the plunge and started a tree on Ancestry, hopefully I have made it 'Private and Searchable', I'm sure that I saw a 'button' somewhere that I could press so that I could see what a searcher could see if they picked up any of my names, but I can't find it any more, could some kind person please look up my tree and let me know if it really is private? The tree is called 'Lawrence and Brown' and a good person to look up would I think be Kate Beatrice Eastment 1885-1965.

                Thanks in advance.


                  Yes it is private but searchable. This is screenshot of what I can see. I used her death year to search as you gave it above but as you’ll see, that doesn’t appear to others, only name, birth date and place - if that has been entered in the tree.
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                    The button thing that you saw about seeing what others can see is in the profile section in your account. It shows what other members can see about you if they click on your membership name.
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                      Thank you very much GallowayLass, that's excellent. Thank you too for the information on the 'button', I must investigate that.
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