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    FtM tree Syncing

    I'm still unclear about the process of syncing a tree on my computer with a tree on Ancestry. I started doing that a while ago and the process was changing my computer tree. This is puzzling since I'm the only one authorized to make changes on the Ancestry tree and I have never done so (other than occasionally syncing). Is there no way for me to guarantee a "one-way" sync, to only update my Ancestry tree with the changes I've made on my computer?

    And I don't understand the process of a "two-way" sync, if there are changes in both trees how does the process know which tree to update with any particular change? Any help or advice will be appreciated.

    it should only update the info you have put in your tree, not sure what you mean, I click on sync on FTM and it syncs to my Ancestry tree.



      I don't think there is a way to carry out a "one way" sync with FTM.

      As I understand it, the "two-way" sync will upload changes to Ancestry that you have made to your FTM tree on your computer. At the same time it will download changes you have made on Ancestry (maybe via a web browser) and incorporate those into your FTM tree on your computer. At which point your online Ancestry tree and your FTM tree should be identical.

      This process works fine as long as different pieces of information change in each tree. However, you can end up with a situation where the FTM sync doesn't know what to do.

      For example, you discover that a person has a middle name, say "John" and you change your FTM tree to reflect this. Next (without carrying out a sync), you happen to be on-line using a web browser to access Ancestry, and you then discover that their middle name was really "James" and you then change your Ancestry tree to reflect this.

      If you now perform a sync, FTM doesn't know what to do with that person as the same piece of information (in this case their name) has changed on both trees. FTM then displays a dialog box providing you with both sets of information and asks you to choose one to resolve the issue. It should then carry on with the sync, updating both trees to be the same.

      Looking at the FTM help file, this is called "Resolve Conflicts". To quote the help file: Resolve Conflicts prompts you when Family Tree Maker is synchronizing the data in a local and online tree and the same fact is changed with two different sets of data. It lists the facts that are in conflict and asks how you want to resolve them.

      Hope that helps.