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    Is there a way to create a report using FTM2017 or Ancestry, and save it in PDF or any other format other than FTM and Gedcom files?

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    Form my brief foray in to FTM 2017, I'd say yes but have no instructions to hand. This may help:
    Caroline's Family History Pages
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      I use FTM 2017 fairly frequently on a PC running Windows 10. I mainly create PDF files to reference when using my Chromebook away from my main PC. This is what I do:

      1. click on the PUBLISH icon at the top of the screen
      2. select Person Reports from the list of publication types on the left
      3. select Custom Report from the report types on the right
      4. click Create Report over on the right hand side

      This creates a custom report focused on the currently selected person in your tree. Under Custom Report Options, the very first little icon is "Items to Include". If you click that, you can then add or remove facts. The defaults are Name, Birth, Marriage and Death. Also under Custom Report Options is the Individuals to Include. I usually produce a report for all individuals - it takes a while on my PC with just over 1000 people in it. Once the report has been created, you can print it using the print icon (top right corner) and select "Microsoft Print to PDF" as the printer and it will save the report as a PDF that you can then open with a PDF viewer.

      You can also save the report as a CSV file using the Share icon (top right corner) but from my little bit of experimentation that does not give a useful Excel sheet as it does not create meaningful columns to sort by. I think you can also use the Share icon to export the report as a PDF directly but i've not tried it this way.

      Another useful report (IMO) is the Source Reports->Undocumented Facts that will produce a list of facts that have no source information.

      Hope that helps.