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Ftm 2005----

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  • Ftm 2005----

    I'm quite happy using this & I also have a TP tree.
    What I'm wondering is, can I seperate one branch into a gedcom & put it into another TP tree or do I have to use the export individuals option which would take forever?
    Vivienne passed away July 2013

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    The easiest way is to use the All in one Tree chart as described in this link

    Basically you isolate the part of tree you wish to export - create a new all in one chart for that part of the tree and then export it to a new file.

    IMPORTANT: BACK YOUR TREE UP BEFORE YOU START - or better still copy your main file, give it a different name and work on that one so that your original file is not amended in any way.


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      Thanks Elaine,
      I'm afraid I got impatient & did it via the individual route, didn't seem to take too long.:o
      I'm quite chuffed with myself. My Ex daughter in law & her Dad now have there own tree on TP complete with all my notes & they don't have to get bogged down in all the other branches of my family that mean nothing to them.;)
      Sorry to have been a pain but maybe it will help someone else.;D

      Oh, I see that is the way your link says to do it.;D
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      Vivienne passed away July 2013