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  • FTAnalyzer help please

    I’m slowly going nuts here

    I have imported my tree to the latest version of FTAnalyzer (on my Windows 10 laptop) and have got it to show me all the people it reckons should be alive in 1921.
    There are 871 of them which is not exactly correct as some don’t have anything in the death fact field but it includes them anyway regardless of dob eg. if the 1st dozen it returned, 7 were born after 1921 but that’s not my issue.
    What’s got me stumped is that on the top ribbon of this list are three icons - print, print preview and send to Excel. It’s this last one that I want to do. I’ve single, double and right clicked on this icon but nothing happens. So then I thought maybe I need to ‘select all’ first before clicking the Excel icon. This is where I have got stuck. I’ve tried control+shift, control+A and right clicking anywhere on the screen. None of these three are selecting all for me.
    What am I doing wrong please?

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    Anyone please?


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      Introduction of family tree analyzer:

      Family Tree Analyzer is a free service that allows users to upload a GEDCOM file. Therefore, it is also known as a GEDCOM Analyzer. You can also check family tree maker horrors, duplicate facts, and gaps in your research.

      The Tree Analyzer software is straightforward to download on the PC. A GEDCOM file takes less than to finish uploading.

      1. Features of family tree analyzer:-
      • Surnames
      • Locations
      • Errors and fixes
      • Census
      • Facts

      2. About the Errors and Fixes

      Users can explore errors and fixes in Family Tree Analyzer. You will see possible mistakes in the Gedcom analyzer file as a cross (factual error) or a question (possible error). Here you have the option of disregarding a particular type of error.

      You can ask the system to ignore the errors, such as the birth before a mother was thirteen. Or the birth is more than nine months after the father’s death.

      There are other errors too. Such as ‘couples with the surname’ indicates you have not yet found a maiden name for them. And they have been listed with their married name at current.

      Tip: the best way you can choose to avoid such errors; is to remember to follow up on the branches of the tree. 3. Facts about Tree Analyzer

      You will find that the surnames and the locations in the tree section are self-explanatory. However, it does provide an excellent overview of the same as well as you can export the data, e.g., export the data onto an excel spreadsheet if you want to explore it later.

      Census allows you to explore your ancestors. You can flag up your ancestors whose census report is not available. You can have the option to ignore the ancestors beyond a certain age, or you can select a particular census.
      • The dark red indicates that the person is known to have been alive when the census was taken.
      • Paler red colour indicates that the person may have been alive.
      4. Research Suggestions:

      Census suggestions demonstrate that there are many ancestors for whom you may not have recorded any census information. And the colouring system will show you that the ancestor was alive at the time of each census. In addition, you can click and find missing information in FamilySearch.

      The summary suggestions of the birth, marriage, and death report include the following;
      • A person of marriageable age that has no spouse record
      • A person without a partner is a record who has children
      • The relationship between each person to you as the ‘root.’
      • People with that have an ‘open-ended’ date, e.g. reads ‘before the xx’ or ‘after the xx.’
      • Lost cousins

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        familytreemaker91 Thank you for your post. Sadly it does not answer my particular problem.