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FTM 2019 user. How can I re-connect media to a person?

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  • FTM 2019 user. How can I re-connect media to a person?

    Hi, I have been researching my family tree for about 25 years now. I have always used the Family Tree Maker programs, upgrading each time and I am now using FTM 2019. Unfortunately I have had a new computer for the past year and a bit and was not engaged with family trees for a while.
    The other day I started to get back into it and found that whilst I had the 'Persons' tab open I started to click on the photographs and media over on the right section, to edit them. I found that most of them are no longer opening and I am having to re install almost all the media again. As I have about 6,000 people and much more photographs, BMD certificates and other media, it is a gigantic job.
    The photographs and other media that I originally loaded in still show as thumbnails, but if I double click on them they do not open, they only open another window for me to link to the original source. As far as I am able to discern, I have to re-load them all again.
    If anyone out there also uses FTM 2019 or thereabouts and can help, I would be most grateful.

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    I've had the same problem, but have not found a solution.
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      Hi and welcome to the forum.

      I was dithering on an upgrade, they were offering a deal the other day, but didn't take the plunge, so maybe it's something not worth doing having read this.

      I do have all mine in synch with Ancestry so could recreate mine from there though.
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        Just a thought since you are using a new PC - is the file location on your new laptop EXACTLY the same as the old? For example [and made up as an example]:

        C:\users\Colin\Documents\Family History\

        If the file location path is even slightly different it will not load the image. If that's the case you should be able to use the right location and then all your links should be available - you shouldn't need to do it for each image. Might be worth searching this problem on the FTM help pages too


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          what about contacting Mackiev ? think its here

          if you go here you can live chat

          If you will need any assistance, please contact us back via e-mail or live chat. To get to our Live Chat please go to
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            I had a similar problem, I called FTM support and they had no clue.
            But, I believe the problem occurs when you backup thru FTM. Yes, backup. Out of the box, the default is set to, well, backup, and then copy your media to a folder of their making, and change the link from what you had (!) to their "media" backup folder. I had to discover that on my own. I immediately changed that default (in Tools | options | warnings) from "copy media files to media folder". I.e., unclick that default.

            It wouldn't be so bad if that was all they did: copy the files. But they change the link (!!!). That was the very last time I allowed FTM to backup anything!

            i just periodically make a copy in a folder of MY making. After seeing your post yesterday I even wrote a batch file to copy media (in their proper sub-directories) and FTM data file to another location.

            I assume you, like me, put your media files in a Genealogy sub-directory ordered to your liking, so you know exactly where everything is, how to get at it and manipulate it. I am still "finding" files I can't find because of FTM's shenanigans. I am even getting the hang of properly linking them in an easier and faster way than at first.

            Hope that helps, and don't get me started about the enormous difficulties manipulating media in the media page itself!
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