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Gaius Julius Caesar family tree problem

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  • Gaius Julius Caesar family tree problem

    I am working on the family tree of Gaius Julius Caesar the Elder. He had three children one of whom was Julia the Elder. She was married twice to a Penarius and a Pedius. My problem is that when I publish a descendants' chart centererd on Julia's father, Julia the Elder appears with only one husband, Penarius; Pedius appears nowhere. Could someone tell me if I have a setting wrong or missing? I thank one and all in advance for all help.

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    You haven’t said what your software is. In FTM, make sure in your selections for your chart you haven’t ticked to show preferred facts only. Normally the first marriage of a person is regarded as the preferred fact. I would imagine all the other tree builder software will work the same way.


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      Thanks for your reply.
      I am using FTM 2017.
      Could you please tell me in which settings do I find the option "show preferred facts only" so I can check?
      Thanks in advance.

      By the way, if I use Julia as the main person for the desc. chart, it shows Julia and both husbands. But if I use her father as the main person only one husband is shown (as in my original post). That's the part I do not understand.


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        I'm not very familiar at all with FTM 2017 but I found a couple of things in the help files within the programme. The first image shows you where to find help on descendant charts (there are a couple of relevant sections in there) and the second for facts.

        The last part of your question is beyond me I'm afraid. hopefully somebody else who uses FTM2017 all the time can help with that.

        Descendant chart.JPG



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          I am the OP.
          I want to thank one and all for all replies. I have tried everything recommended and still I am faced with the same annoyance, the same question. So I am going to ask again for, possibly, the same help but with more ill temper towards the software, i.e. FTM2017 with the latest update.

          I started my project with famous Julius Caesar's father (of the same name as the son) and have gone two generations beyond Julius Caesar the younger. If I take the elder Gaius Julius Caesar as the main person in a descendants tree not all the indexed people are shown in the chart, many are missing, wives, husbands, etc. Why can't I get a Desc. Tree that shows everyone in the people index? Even in my 'people' window not all people are shown, some have small boxes (top left corner) which you must click to get the tree of that person except that this replaces the window that appeared before the click - so I am still with a partial family. I just want to see the entire tree in one go, that's all. Does my software decide whom to show and whom not to?

          Gnaeus P Magnus (bottom row) had four wives not just Caesar's daughter Julia; why are they not shown? Some facts I have to disguise as AKA (from Suetonius, Cicero, Catullus, etc.) if I want them to show in the Desc. Tree.

          If I click the small box next to Magnus his entire tree appears but what is now shown above disappears. Is it time I upgraded to a software program more professional than FTM? If that is the case, can anyone recommend such a software? I am 77 years old and probably have only a few more years left to me to be considered a serious Latinist by my UNI. The cost of a new software would be a drop in the ocean compared to what I am paying per semester for Classical Latin language lessons.

          I thank you all for any assistance and advice.

          Tony V.
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            I have no experience of FTM software, so don't know if what you want it to show is possible. I do think the program Family Historian would show it in an 'Everyone' tree. You can have a month free trial of the fully working program so it might be worth having a go. You would be able to load a Gedcom file of your people into the free trial.

            Several of us on here use Family Historian and might be able to help. There is also a well used and informative F H User Group which would be able to answer questions.



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              i have FTM but never use it for publishing really, in the early days of ownership I played about with it and was not impressed with reports/publishing, now I have no need for it so have no expertise. I will have a look later.
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