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Address Input Format in Family Tree Maker 2019

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    Address Input Format in Family Tree Maker 2019

    Although I have been using Family Tree Maker for probably 20 plus years, it is only now when looking at hopefully some informative Place Usage Reports that I realise my input of addresses could be a lot better.

    Whether that be Church, Hospital, or just normal addresses. Okay I can pinpoint the address on the map but then have difficulty finding all Ancestors that have lived in a specific area of London.

    Eg – Vast majority of my addresses have a house or flat number, so I normally enter something like in the ‘Place Name’ area, ‘4, Junction Road, Holloway, N 19, London, England’. I note that even my father that passed away in a Hospital in Norfolk, is not showing if I look at the Places tab and open up Norfolk. So I obviously could be doing something better.

    I cannot see any more specific guidance within the Manual in how to input addresses, and I have also been looking for a basic tutorial on youtube on just entering addresses, without any success. Don't even seem to be one of those 'Family Tree Maker input for Dummies' books.

    Can anyone help please? Has anyone found a helpful tutorial or website that will give suggestions/guidance on how to better enter my addresses?

    As with most things in FTM - it really is a matter of personal preference.

    I tend to add the actual address in the description field for the specific fact.

    In the relevant Fact ( e.g. Birth, Baptism, Death etc.) properties, make sure you have chosen to display Date/Place/Description.

    I would then add the town/village as the "Place" e.g. "Holloway, London " and the actual address as the "Description" such as "4 Junction Rd"
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      Thankyou for those interesting thoughts and suggestions.

      As you say, personal preferences. With addresses it was really only because, after years using Family Tree Maker, I started looking at the 'Places' tab and then started giving more thought to how I had previously entered addresses.

      Whilst it may be a case of personal preference there is normally a, probably initially unkown, implication of a decision that I wished I had realised right at the beginning. Within the last couple of years I purchased the Family Book Creator plug-in and am now finally getting my head around (I think) it a bit better, and would love to have a book printed as a Xmas present for my son and daughter & their families. As a result I am now looking to improve those personal preferences I had made years ago with better information in my Notes and Citations. Trouble is, I would not be surprised to find other areas that now need improving as well. Ah well, maybe Xmas 2022?