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Newbie questions re: Default tree and cameo photo

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    Newbie questions re: Default tree and cameo photo

    I'm new to FTM, less than a week in, and liking the difference from my previous software. I have two questions I haven't found the answer to yet:

    1) I only have one tree. Is there a way to have FTM open up to it directly rather than my having to choose it?

    2) How to I set the photo shown on the person in the tree? I've seen where it should be the left in the media view of the person, but after moving it there it still is not on the cameo.


    Hopefully one of our members who uses the software will know the answer for you.

    In the meantime, maybe FTM specific forums or Facebook groups could help you more quickly.

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      Hello DHK.

      1) Short answer is no!

      2) I add mine directly to the Cameo - (right click on Cameo) and add either a new picture from your computer files or link to a photo already in your media file on FTM. It will then show up both in there and in the Person Media files at the bottom.

      The Facebook User Group is excellent for these type of queries. - see Caroline's Link post #2


        Thanks Kat, I'll follow up on Facebook.