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Family Historian 6 with free upgrade when released

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    Family Historian 6 with free upgrade when released

    Well, I have finally bitten the bullet and bought this. It came this morning and it's installed plus I have added in a few plugins and custom queries from the downloads section that looked as if they would help me coming over from FTM. I have also joined FHUG.
    Reading the FAQ for FTM users, it looks like even after I have finally tidied up my main file in FTM, there are still a few hoops to go through in order to ensure that FH handles a tree originally built in FTM as accurately as possible. It says that the best version of FTM to use to make the gedcom for importing is 2017 (and presumably now 2019 as well?) Good job I do have 2017 installed although it hasn't been used that much compared to my trusty old 2006. I think by the time I am ready to use FH6, the new FH7 will be out.

    I found it really helpful to work through the Sample family file in FH when I first got it. It would be well worth spending some time on and, I think, is a point missed by most of us eager to get going with it!

    The FHUG is incredibly helpful but sometimes I feel people spend more time 'getting it right' for themselves rather than actually doing family research! Personally I use the program at a fairly basic level, which suits me but I know there are people on FHUG who will know the answer to any question I might have.