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Lost the ability to choose 'Copy to Media Folder'

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    Lost the ability to choose 'Copy to Media Folder'

    I have inherited my sisters FTM 2012 file and find that the media data is all in one folder, totally mixed up.

    I wanted to continue with the file but when adding new data to the media file I want to place it in a particlar folder within the 'Media Folder'.

    I have made new folders in there eg. 'Births' and I put a new picture in the births folder but when I link the new picture FTM puts another copy in the main 'Media Folder'

    Looking at the help file I see that there is a choice to automatically do this and if chosen the box with the choice is no longer available. That choice must have been made previously. According to the help file it can be 'resurrected' in settings but I cannot find where.

    I would like sort the existing media into relevant folders and re-create the links but without the 'Choose' option, I cannot.

    Can anyone tell me where in settings is this 'resurrect' place?


    I found it!