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    Bt/Yahoo e-mail

    Can anyone tell me how to insert a jpg image into BT/Yahoo e-mail please?
    I e-mailed BT help & have had a reply back which gave me a link to "help" pages but I am non the wiser! The "help" tells me about sharing albums which I haven't a clue about, let alone understanding what "sync" is. (I guess it means sychronise but that's as far as my understanding goes).
    With AOL it was so easy, I just copied & pasted, that doesn't work on BT
    All I want to do is copy a jpg image from a file on my computer & put it in an e-mail.
    Many thanks in advance.

    I usually send them as an attachment. When you're in "Compose" click on "Attach files"

    Then click on "Browse" to find the file. A pop up "Choose file" window will come up. Click on the image name and then "Open"

    The image name will appear in the attach files window. Click "Attach files" at the bottom and after a few seconds you should get "The following file has been attached"

    Then "Continue to message" and do whatever else you want to finish and send.

    Hope this makes sense. Good luck



      im bt and i hate the set up,i prefered fav not bookmarks,i have mine in my documents but i use outlook to send my emails brenda xxx.


        I think it's easy, click on compose and type in the email addy of the person you want or from your address book

        Just click on attach files and then browse

        Find the file on your computer

        Then click on attach files

        Then return to message

        Make sure you have entered what you need and then click send


          Originally posted by brenmac View Post
          im bt and i hate the set up,i prefered fav not bookmarks,i have mine in my documents but i use outlook to send my emails brenda xxx.

          Are you using the BT software as your main page?
          I don't.

          I use Internet Exporer. OH uses the BT software on his computer and I hate it. You don't have to use that, just click on Internet Explorer or Firefox, which ever you prefer. It's just different to what you are used to. We used to be with AOL and it took me ages to get used to BT.


            I also used to be on AOL, which was SO easy but had awful connection problems.
            I had e-mailed the "help" section on BT to explain the link they had sent me about photo albums was of no help whatsoever!, & they actually rang me this morning!

            I gave them permission to have remote access to my screen & the guy was on the phone while he used it. I was fascinated! Anyway, after nearly an hour he still hadn't managed to insert a jpg. image into the body of the e-mail. The only way is to use Microsoft access apparently!
            How annoying, I will just have to send the photos as attatchments.
            Thanks for your replies


              i had a guy help me correct my email name from bender to brenda i was on an hour he was from india(free call)he took controll of my screen it was wierd seeing the screen changing and him printing.

              i think bt uses yahoo im not sure as i get yahoo page come up when i load,brenda xxx


                I prefer to send j.peg images as attachments. I also prefer to receive them like that. I don't like them in the body of the email.

                It all boils down to what you are used to.