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    Internet Explorer help?

    These last two days I have had a 'pop up' appear on the FTF page which reads as follows......

    Stop running this script?

    A script on this page is causing IE to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer might became unresponsive.

    Then there is an option box to click either Yes or No.

    I am now using Chrome to post this message. I have had this problem before but not on the FTF site and thankfully it seemed to resolve itself. I say 'thankfully' as I am not computer literate!

    Any suggestions as to what is happening and why? It is only happening on this site.


    Hi Lesley

    First the old favourite, have you tried a reboot of the computer. If you have I presume it has made no difference.

    Have you installed any new software in the last couple of days, includingany Microsoft updates. If you have installed software, it may be worth uninstalling it, rebooting and see if that makes any difference. If updates have been installed, check to see if there are any further updates to be added, in essecence a fix for the fix!!!

    let me know the outcome.



      Hi D,

      Have rebooted as you suggested but it makes no difference. FTF page on IE is now freezing completely!

      I have not knowingly downloaded any software but somehow Google Chrome seems to have 'appeared' which is what I am using now. However. when I go on Chrome the following message appears on screen

      Your profile could not be opened correctly. Some features may be unavailable. Please check that the profile exists and you have the permission to read and write its contents.

      It is a complete mystery to me. I do not seem to get the task bar on Chrome but have to search for the FTF site to be able to use it. I also have to click twice to get rid of that message before I can use the search

      Thanks for your help.

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