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Do I need Onedrive

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  • Do I need Onedrive

    Its stopped syncing as there is no storage space left, but I wondered do I need it.

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    depends what you want backed up, it is there if your desktop/laptop crashes. You may have other types of back up? hard drive/google drive/amazon/dropbox?
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      I do have Dropbox and BT Cloud, thanks Carolyn, I have had trouble on the PC and suddenly noticed it said Onedrive was full.


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        If turned on, One Drive automatically syncs all of your folders, files, bookmarks, etc.
        I know Microsoft have placed storage limits on each person's account.
        If you access your One Drive you should be able to delete anything unnecessary to free up space.


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          The trouble I find with synch type backups is that nothing is ever deleted from it. I like to keep my files quite tidy and often delete or merge files. The synch backup just saves all these over the top of the originals. When I once needed the backup files I was very disappointed to get the whole lot back on my computer including all the files I had previously deleted or tidied away. You could go into Onedrive and have a look if that is the problem.


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            Thanks both for replies, I have so many files according to them, you may be right Anne .
            Have disabled it for now, am going to back up to my hard drive, before I start deleting stuff, as I dont want to make any mistakes.