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Individuals on FTM 2005

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    Individuals on FTM 2005

    I have been using Family Tree Genealogy Suite Version 4, and I used to have the option to view all individuals I had ever entered on different trees. I have started to use Family Tree Maker 2005, but there doesn't appear to be the same option, I can only see individuals in separate trees as opposed to all individuals I have entered.

    Can anyone that has/is using this program clarify please.

    Many thanks

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a programme that does what you describe. FTM only lists everyone in each tree. Can you please screenshot what you get on Family Tree Genealogy Suite Version 4 so we can see the end result you are looking to replicate?

    2005 is a very old version of FTM to be using. What computer operating system are you running it on?


      Thank you GallowayLass, unfortunately Family Tree Genealogy Suite Version 4 does not work on my computer now. I have Windows 10 and I am in the process of trying to find a computer that is XP. I have only a few trees on FTM 2005 and was hoping to retrieve these and use them with a FTM 2012. I have heard that it is not possible to transfer gedcom files from my very early program (Family Tree Genealogy Suite Version 4) to 2012. I am at a loss of what to do, I was fine using this program that I had for a number of years until Wildows 10 came on the scene


        Surely if you can make the program produce a gedcom file it would be universal and able to be imported into any tree program. The file should be in gedcom format and not the format the program uses, I think.


          I think Ann is correct on that one. Newer versions of FTM beyond 2006 will not directly open/import older formats of FTM trees but they should open a GEDcom. I know from experience that RootsMagic will directly open FTM files up to and including 2006 ones. I am sure it will open yours.
          RootsMagic has a free trial so as long as you have made backup copies of your original FTM trees before you start, then you have nothing to lose by downloading the trial and see if they will open. It won’t help with your universal person list issue but at least you can see what a more modern genealogy programme looks like.
          RootsMagic works in a very similar way to FamilyHistorian and the post 2006 versions of FTM. FTM 2006 was the last one before the architecture of the programme was completely rewritten.
          I am no computer expert but I’m sure I have read about how to get round issues with programmes that used to work fine in XP and Windows7 but didn’t in Windows10. I think it was called something like compatibility mode? I’m sure there will be somebody on here that could advise on that much better than me.


            I’ve been looking on google for info about Family Tree Genealogy Suite Version 4 and I see it was made by Avanquest. The link below is to their current genealogy software. Perhaps you could contact them about your specific need to find out if the new programme will do what you want?



              Thank you Ann and GallowayLass for your help, unfortunately I am not able to open the computer into Family Tree Genealogy Suite Version 4 (my old program) because it is Windows 10. If I can load this program on a computer that is XP I can then 'save as' my files as .ged and then hopefully transfer them to 2012.


              This review was from someone who possibly is/was in the same situation as me -

              It is just a buy out for and the GEDCOM files won't work on it; that is it is not possible to take GEDCOM files from "Family Tree Version 4" and use them on or "Family Tree Maker 2012". Get a program FREE of

              So someone that purchased FTM 2012 was hoping as I am to take gedcom files from Family Tree Genealogy Suite Version 4 to FTM 2012.

              GallowayLass - I have also put this question to Avanquest as you suggested and just waiting to hear back