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  • Questions to ask ...... yourself

    Like many of us, I'd toyed with the idea of writing my "autobiography" and had made several starts.

    Paul has already published his - And this is me..........My Life Story.

    I just came across this article and since I have no grandchildren to ask me the questions, I thought I could answer them anyway and use them as extra prompts for my own writing.
    (I may or may not publish it when it's eventually finished.)

    20 family history questions to ask your grandparents
    Caroline's Family History Pages
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    What a good idea, Caroline. I, too, have been thinking about this recently so I might follow this up and get my husband to do it too.

    I have also been getting ideas from a podcast series by Lisa Louisa Cook who covers all sorts of interesting things. One of her suggestions is to compile a Heritage Folder where you add things like photos of treasured family objects with a brief paragraph about their origin and the stories behind them. She also suggested including a page in the back with access details and passwords for your various family tree software and subscription sites such as Ancestry and Family Tree Maker. So that's on my To Do list too.
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      I love this idea Caroline
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