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  • Christine in Herts
    Thank you. That's a useful thought.

    I've emailed the Records Office and they told me that, because the records overlap with those for people whose DoB is later than 1919, they wouldn't be able to permit anyone to browse through them, but they would be willing to look, for the price of their research fee. I'm leaving that decision to the friend whose mother this is.

    The school records would certainlly be worth a try. Thank you for bring them to my attention. I might try to follow that up locally.

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  • PhotoFamily
    Not online, but FamilySearch has the Longmoor School records for infants

    Unfortunately, their coverage of the Railway Orphanage does not cover your years

    Do you think the Longmoor records would have anything on Josephine?
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  • Christine in Herts
    The birth registration I entered was the wrong one! It should be...

    b 16 Apr 1909 Aintree (1909q2 W Derby). Josephine BOYSON mmn= WESTHEAD
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  • Christine in Herts
    started a topic Record Office: Derby(shire)



    I'm assisting a friend with her tree and trying to pick up some details that might be available about the parts of her her mum's life that have eluded her. Her maternal grandfather died very young as a result of an accident on the railway and her mother (Josephine BOYSON) was sent to an orphanage connected to the railways; apparently it wasn't a good experience, so she didn't talk about it much.

    Josephine's history:
    b 1887q2 W Derby
    1911 (RG14PN22357 RG78PN1321 RD455 SD4 ED1 SN232): 35 Sandy Lane Walton Liverpool, Walton on the Hill, Lancs - age 1
    She attended a local school (Longmoor Lane Council School), while her father was still alive.
    Her father, Thomas BOYSON (b 19 Dec 1878 Maghull, Lancs) died 2 Mar 1916 accidental death [FMP Modern Records Centre MSS.127/AS/2/3/20 fo188#295376] 1916q1 Liverpool. Thomas BOYSON, age 37
    She was moved on 22 Apr 1917 from Longmoor Lane School to Enteringham Orphanage, Derby [FMP Liverpool City Ccl 352 EDU/1/116/5]

    Josephine was married on 24 Sep 1938 at Emmanuel Church, Fazakerley, to Albert DIXON.

    She's in the 1939 Register (RG101/4732C/013/13~ NUCE) at 21 Sycamore Road , Crosby, Lancs; Josephine DIXON 16 Apr 1909 f UDD Married 128 1

    Her death was registered 1991q2 Shrewsbury. Josephine DIXON (DoB 16 Apr 1909).

    Archive info:
    Using the online catalogue of TNA, including non-TNA items:
    Railway Servants Orphanage, Derby

    minutes, corresp, financial records, admission and other children's records etc
    This record is held by Derbyshire Record Office (See contact details -

    Reference: D 3732
    Description: minutes, corresp, financial records, admission and other children's records etc
    Date: 1892-1993
    Held by: Derbyshire Record Office, not available at The National Archives (
    NRA catalogue reference: NRA 36968

    Clearly, much of the archive under that reference is purely administrative (Annual Reports, Finance, etc), but it seems possible that there could be references to Josephine in the following, especially the last of the three:
    D3732/1-7 Minutes
    D3732/11 Correspondence
    D3732/45-58 Children's records

    I'm hoping that, since she died more than 25 years ago, it may be possible to have access to the records about her.

    In the meantime, I'll email them to find out how likely that is.
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