I am researching the life of Lewis Framingham DAY (1822-1911), who was organist at St Modwen’s, Burton-on-Trent, from 1849 to 1898 (according to their Church History, and allowing for inaccurate initials), having previously held the post of Organist at St John’s, Wolverhampton. During his long tenure at Burton-on-Trent, he set up and ran the Burton Musical Society, which appears (from newspaper articles I have found) to have been quite forward-looking in its programming. I’d also be interested in knowing more about the Burton Musical Society, too.

I contacted the Staffs Archives and received a helpful, if not iinformative, reply...
I have taken searched the electronic catalogue of the records for Burton, St Modwen, but that revealed no references to Mr Day. There may be incidental references in the following sources:
  • D4379/3/1-3 : churchwarden’s account books, 1829-1905 (if he was paid for his services)
  • D4219/3/2-3 : vestry order books, 1829-1903

I have taken a similar look at the catalogue of the records of St John, Wolverhampton, and again there were no direct references to Day. There may be incidental references in the following sources:
  • D3785/2/1 : churchwardens’ accounts and vestry minute book, 1760-1877
As a professional musician, I would expect him to have received payments for his service to the church. There may also be records of his appointment - and retirement. If anyone has occasion to visit the Staffs RO, and has some spare time, I'd be very grateful to pick up more information about him.