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Beverly, East Riding, UK Lookup Request

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    Record Office: Beverly, East Riding, UK Lookup Request

    Would appreciate if anyone could search for my ancestor, Moses Wilkinson, in the East Yorkshire Militia archives found at the Beverley, UK archives center. According to the 1810 baptism of his son, Moses Wilkinson was born in Sowerby, West Yorkshire. There are several Moses Wilkinsons born in Sowerby between 1760 and 1790 and I am trying to determine the approximate year of his birth.

    In 1806, a daughter named Sarah was born to Moses Wilkinson and his wife, Ann Bailey, at Woodbridge, Suffolk. His occupation was listed as "East Yorkshire Militia". According to family tradition, my 2nd great-grandfather, Charles William Wilkinson (c. 1813-1880), was born in Edinburgh, Scotland while his father was serving in the British Army. It appears that Moses Wilkinson had his wife and child in tow while he was serving in the militia.

    The Hull History Centre did not find Moses Wilkinson in the 1813-1816 East Yorkshire Militia ledger. This volume was indexed and his name was absent.

    I'm hoping to determine the age of Moses Wilkinson from his enlistment record. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Just discovered a November 1805 baptism in Smeeth, Kent for the first child of Moses Wilkinson & Ann Bailey: Mary Wilkinson was born at Brabourne Lees Barracks to Moses Wilkinson, a member of Captain Courteney's Company of the East Yorkshire Militia.

    This should narrow down the search for Moses Wilkinson in the East Yorkshire Militia archives considerably. :D