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Calvert family of Northampton, England

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    Library: Calvert family of Northampton, England

    Christopher Calvert b. ca. 1611. Transported to Accomack Co, Virginia, America in 1636 by William Bibby. Northampton County birth, marriage, and burial
    records indicate that Calvert family lived here during the early 1600's to early 1900's. Most predominate Calvert Christian male names are William, George, John and Thomas.

    Parishes/towns where the Calvert's lived are Olney, Pilton, Kingsthorpe, Hardingstone, Leeds, Blakesly, Towcester, Kettering, Lawrence, Northampton and Peterborough.

    I have taken y-DNA-67, autosomal, and haplogroup/haplotype tests. My haplogroup is R-Z16502 which is indicative of families living in Northampton.

    Hundreds of families living in Northampton moved to Accomack Co, Virginia, America, beginning in 1620 when the county was established. Obedience Robins of Long Brackley, Northampton was a Commissioner of Accomack Co and took numerous trips back and forth to Northampton to recruit families to move to
    America. The predominate haplogroup of citizens living in Accomack Co is also R-Z16502.

    John Pannewell/Pemell/Panuel/Pinnell also lived in Northampton and arrived in Accomack Co, VA with his brother Thomas in 1641. John Pannewell/Pinnell was my 8th GG. He was related to the James Neale/O'Neil and William Waters, also of Northampton.