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    Library: Archives and Heritage search room in Birmingham Central Library

    I was wondering if anyone was going to the archives and could look at the Middlemore Children's Emigration Homes records for me.

    I have found a Samuel George Thompson in care going to Canada

    Given Name(s):Samuel George
    Taken into Care:Aston
    Sending Agency:Middlemore
    Year of Arrival:1906
    Microfilm Reel Number:T-537
    Source:Library and Archives Canada
    Reference:RG 76 C 4 a, British Children Emigrated to Canada by Authority of Boards of Guardians
    Item Number:9551

    The birth reg I found gives the mother's maiden name as Fellows.

    Their is a family story of my Thompson children being abandoned and I am wondering if Sam/George is George Trussell Thompson...have asked about him before as I can't find a birth under that name for the time frame.

    George Trussell Thompson snr married Julia Fellows 1893 in Birmingham and it wasn't until the Gro started the trial that I found 2 previous probable children... the 2 definite children I had were for 1896 and 1898 whom I have certificates for; I always felt sure there were children before 1896 and the index came up with

    Samuel George Thompson 1894 Birmingham
    Alfred Edward Thompson 1895 Aston dies same quarter of his birth

    which ties in nicely with them marrying plus my George's only surviving brother went into care.

    Have found Samuel George AKASam George AKAGeorge

    Aboard Siberian 1906

    There is a correspondence record

    Settlement record

    I was hoping to find out about this Thompson and would really appreciate a look up as it not governed by the 75 year rule.


    Looking for Ward, Moore, Hunt, Warren...and who was Gertrude Wills