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    I've recently returned to FTF. When I was last hear someone (can't rememember who) did some digging and came up with some great information for me on a Gt.Uncle BERTRAM OSCAR DIETRICH. I have this person well documented from various sources, however, I've never been able to ascertain who arranged his funeral/burial at Field of Honour, Pointe-Clair Quebec in June 1961. Bertram had no known family in Montreal, at that time, and had been living in one room on a pension. He had one son living in Dallas, at that time. but reading between the lines, I think they must have fallen out. Bertram's funeral was from the chapel of Chapel &Tees & Co to the Field of Honour.

    I surmise that because he was a pensioner living in straitened circumstances, on the state person, some form of help was available to him. I understand that the Field of Honour was available to veterans of which he was one.

    However, of two things outstanding on my research of Bertram, is who arranged his funeral. The other thing outstanding is his possible divorce back in the 1930's which may have taken place in Buffalo NYS where his estranged wife resided.
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    Perhaps his obituary will tell more? Sorry don't have a sub for that.

    Name Bertrand Dietrich
    Gender Male
    Death Age 90
    Birth Date abt 1871
    Residence Place Montreal
    Death Date 27 Jun 1961
    Obituary Date 29 Jun 1961
    Obituary Place Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Newspaper Title The Gazette​

    Edit: Canada - Newspapers.com
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      Thank you Kat, I already have that though. I suppose like many on here will always have "dead ends" which, of course, are so frustrating.