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FMP Look up Parish Register - Heacham, Norfolk

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  • Vivian
    Many thanks for your help GL ! Much appreciated & thanks for checking the Licence as well.

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  • GallowayLass
    Entry No.58
    John Wagg of the Parish of Sedgford, Single Man and Rose Skirry of the parish of Heacham, Single Woman Married in this Parish by Licence, this seventh Day of March in the Year One Thousand seven Hundred and sixty nine by me Tho. Weatherhead, Ministr [sic].
    This Marriage was solemnized between Us John Wagg x His Mark Rose Skirry x Her Mark In the Presence of John Gordon and Wm. Granger.

    The marriage licence was witnessed by the same two men who witnessed the marriage and the person who stood guarantor for John was Wm. Wilton, farmer in the parish of Heacham. Further information on John Wagg is that he was a husbandman.
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  • FMP Look up Parish Register - Heacham, Norfolk

    I don't currently have a subscription to FMP, but I can still check index entries.

    FMP has a marriage entry : John WAGG & Rose SKIRRY in 1769 in Heacham, Norfolk.

    I have details the marriage date was 7 March 1768.

    Is anyone able to check to confirm the correct details for me, please ?