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Offering free assistance on French Genealogy

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    Record Office: Offering free assistance on French Genealogy

    Dear all,

    I am new on this forum and I thought that although Pascal is already offering some help on French records, a second native French researcher with over 20 years of experience would not be too many. After all, there are 11 millions americans with French heritage in the US and many more in Canada!

    So, if you need help on guidance, translations, even conduct some of the research (limited to my availability of course), just go ahead and ask!

    I can look at everything that is online:
    - most of France's civil and parrish records (birth, death and marriages)
    - census (for many places in France)
    - military records for ALL men born after 1847. also available for many.
    - some free and subscribed data bases (geneanet, Genweb - Lafayette, France, Memorial etc.)
    - Légion d'Honneur (one of the highest distinctions)
    - many more (cemeteries, 20th century France's casualties of war...)

    I cannot go physically to local archives for further investigation as I live 10,000 miles away from France! However, I know a few people in France who maybe able to assist us with reasearches at :
    - the National Archives (for Passports requests, immigration TO france etc), some of Navy records
    - Military records if your ancestor was in the military (other than privates and lower ranked officers during WW1 and WW2)I personnaly own many documents that would help to find out weither your ancestor can be found in this archives before even go there; Many would also a have a military pension (including privates). These latter records are also available
    - Diplomatic archives for French citizens born outside of France (La Courneuve near Paris)

    I really hope that help and please do feel free to contact me should you have any questions


    Welcome to FTF Romain! That's a wonderful offer. Makes me wish I had some French ancestors! You might like to mention it on the main Family History Research thread too in case people don't think to look on this one.


      Originally posted by Anne in Carlisle View Post
      Welcome to FTF Romain! That's a wonderful offer. Makes me wish I had some French ancestors! You might like to mention it on the main Family History Research thread too in case people don't think to look on this one.
      you're very welcome Anne. I will do it now.


        Hi Anne,

        just one question, is there a way I could be infomed as when someone replies to this thread or send me a private message?

        Thank you



          Yes. If you go to 'Settings' at the very top of this page, find My Account >General settings there are places where you can opt to be notified by email of replies to a thread you have subscribed to and and Private Messages sent to you.


            Hi and Welcome Moorea - I have just seen your offer of researching French information. I have a question for you straight away.
            I have a relative you went to France I believe for work, family sources say he was a miner. He was George Henry Lock b.1889 in Hull, England and his wife was Elizabeth Ann Watson. He was living in Louvroil, Northern France and while he was there he had a son born Frank b.30 Nov 1923.
            I would like to know of any other information that could be found about him, what he did while he was there and for how long he lived there.
            Any help appreciated.


              Hi Daisy

              French laws are protecting the privacy of people online, so in general you will not find any detailed information online about the birth of somebody if that person is younger than 100 y.o.

              I looked at the "tables decennales" (global lists per decade) for you and it appears that Franck Lock was born on November 30th 1925, not 1923.




                Hi Ichabod

                Looks like I'll have to wait another 8 years then!! Unless there's any information on George. Thanks for birth year change.




                  I decided to take a chance and looked at the deaths reports in Louvroil after 1925, and I just found out something for you:
                  There's a death certificate for Franck Lock (born 30/11/1925 in Louvroil) on March 1st 1926. He was living with his parents in the following address:
                  N°9 rue d'Hautmont
                  His father is reported as being Georges Henry Lock, a painter. His mother Elizabeth Anna Watson, unemployed.
                  Death declared by Georges Henry Lock, 36 y.o.

                  Certificate is N°13 on page 5 here: http://www.archivesdepartementales.l...che_etat_civil
                  Just indicate :
                  - "commune" => Louvroil
                  - "Période entre" => 1926 et 1926
                  - "type d'acte" => décès



                    That's amazing news - thank you so much Ichabod. Would never have been able to find that out on my own. It also confirms more information about George, the father. Family thought he went to France to work as a miner!
                    Regards Daisy


                      Hello Romain!

                      I was wondering if you have access to any French newspapers around 1905-1940? If you do I wonder if you could kindly look and see if you can find anything related to a mrs Alma Regina Osgood? She was an upperclass lady who went to France a lot. I know that she went there once for the American Red cross to a place called Pessey and also spent time in Le Havre and Le Verdon. She was the kind of lady that was out in sociaty and the public eye a lot. Her husband was John Cleveland Osgood, at the time they married he was Americas fifth richest man. We do have A LOT of info about Alma Regina from when she married Osgood. But not so much before that. And her time in France is really a time that I don't know much about.
                      Any, any help you can provide will be greatly apprechiated!
                      Best regards,
                      Victoria Lundberg, Sweden


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