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    Record Office: research in north east Italy

    Hi everybody,
    I’m Giorgio from Vicenza and I’m a genealogist. I’m the founder of link removed and, among other things, I help people from all over the globe to build their family trees and to obtain papers to get the Italian citizenship. I do my research mainly in north east Italy, that is Veneto the region around Venice.
    I hope I can help you somehow with your research.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Last edited by Elaine ..Spain; 03-11-13, 15:31. Reason: website link removed - advertising!

    Hi Giorgio,
    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately we do not allow advertising on the forum. If you are offering to do research for free then we can leave your thread here. If however you are advertising the research service you provide then I am afraid we will have to remove it. Perhaps you could clarify which applies!

    If you check our Ts and Cs you are allowed to add a link to a genealogy related business within your signature.


      Oops, sorry Elaine I didn't read carefully the terms and conditions page.