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    Originally posted by PhotoFamily View Post
    OK, I've found a useful tool, not quite what I want, but it works:

    So, I'm looking for the birth of James Steele, born ~1863. I think this link to his record in 1901 will work:

    I'm not finding his birth registration on irishgenealogy. How compliant were people with registration by the time of his birth?
    BTW - his father should be William (and mother, Sarah, as stated in the census record)
    Statutory birth registration didn’t start in Ireland till 1.1.1864. As Karamazov has mentioned, Tromaty is in Inishowen civil registration district, and so births & deaths 1864, plus Protestant marriages 1845 onwards are all there.

    Prior to 1864 you need to search church records. The family was Presbyterian.

    The nearest Presbyterian churches to Tromaty are Moville (baptisms from 1833 and marriages 1845), Greenbank (baptisms 1862 and marriages 1864) & Knowhead (baptisms 1826 & marriages 1846). Copies of those records are in PRONI.

    Presbyterians in Ireland don’t use the parish system and so which church you attend is just a matter of personal preference. Not always the closest to where you live. Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church so if you know of a Steele female marrying, the church that was in may be a clue.

    Presbyterians generally didn’t keep burial records.

    Administration of the estate of John Steele late of Trinity Quigley's Point County Donegal Farmer who died 3 September 1900 granted at Londonderry to Richard Steele Farmer.


    I am based in Co. Antrim and undertake research in Northern Ireland. Please feel free to contact me for help or advice via PM.


      Originally posted by PhotoFamily View Post
      Elwyn, continuing on the Blackburn(e) theme -
      William Blackburne is in Far Three Trees in the Landed Estates Court Rentals 1850-1885.
      Tenant's Names - William Blackburne, formerly William Culbert
      Leased dated 29th September, 1826 from John Chambers to William Culbert.

      Any possibility that William Culbert's name change would have been done in a court and there are surviving records?
      Any speculation about that name change?


      Very unlikely that the name change was done in court, and even less likely that any record would have survived if it was. There’s never been any need to register a change a name formally in Britain or Ireland. You just change it. Nowadays some bodies such as banks and the passport office require an affidavit, but in the 1820s or 1830s it’s very unlikely that any paperwork was involved.

      Can’t really say why he might have changed his name. With children you often see a name change if the mother remarries. Occasionally the terms of a will or a marriage settlement make certain arrangements conditional upon a person changing their name. What was William’s wife’s name? Could it have been Culbert?


      I am based in Co. Antrim and undertake research in Northern Ireland. Please feel free to contact me for help or advice via PM.