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    Lost Cousins newsletter - late Sep 2020

    Researching Irish families: FARMER, McBRIDE McQUADE, McQUAID, KIRK, SANDS/SANAHAN (Cork), BARR,

    Have read this earlier and was amused at his explanation about how much or how little Scottish ancestry you can expect to see if two of your four grandparents were Scottish. He says “ two English grandparents and two Scottish grandparents the amount of 'Scottish' DNA you have inherited could be precisely 50% (if the two Scots were married to each other), or somewhere between 0% and 100% if each of the Scots married a Sassenach.”

    Errmm, maybe! Depends on your definition of Sassenach. LOL
    This is from The Scots National Dictionary
    SASSENACH, adj., n. Also Sassanoch, -enagh, Sasennach, -unnach; the form in the 1706 quot. represents the Sasunnaich. English, English-speaking, formerly also applied to the Lowlanders of Scotland; as a n., an Englishman or -woman. The word was orig. put in the mouths only of Highlanders but is now in somewhat jocular use throughout Scotland.

    All my maternal family are Sassenach through and through for as far back as the date of the usage quoted above. Born in the English speaking Southern counties of Scotland, every last one of them.