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My Heritage new colourising gizmo

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    My Heritage new colourising gizmo

    In both the website and the app (iOS and Android) you can now upload your black and white photos and colourise them. This is free to do for so many photos and then you need to subscribe. I don’t know yet what the limit is as I have just discovered this new feature in the app when I updated it on my iPad. You need to update the app before the feature will appear. Am going to play with this in a day or two.

    I've been having a play with this today and it brings them to life BUT I don't like the fact that it sticks a great big My-Heritage watermark thing on the blooming photo!..

    i'm in the middle of painting bedroom so having a breather.
    They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........

    .......I find dead people