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Opinions please of these photos

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  • Opinions please of these photos

    I would value opinions regarding this group photograph. My initial thought was that is was a family wedding but now I am not too sure as there are no signs of flowers or buttonholes. What I do know is that the man bottom left is my Grandfather. I think the other man on the front row could be an elder brother and two sisters either side of him.

    These are two sisters in later life

    This looks like the girl, bottom right.

    Is this lady the other girl on the front row? (The man is my grandfather)

    The next photograph, I am almost certain is the same man (Harry) on the front row of the above group. I would welcome some opinions please on that one.

    I would also welcome some ideas on when they were taken. My grandfather was born in 1889.


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    Sorry - just bringing this to the top (so that I could find it easily) to help with my research.

    Of course any suggestions would still be welcomed by Joy as well as me.
    Chrissie passed away in January 2020.


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      Well - having been back and forth from the original to this and what you say...
      the top photo I'd say about 1918 or so - although probably your Granddad and his brother would have served in the war - maybe it was some sort of 'welcome home' party? Did they serve in WW1?

      2nd photo - not so sure it's the girl on right in the top photo - her features are softer than the other girl - so maybe the one 2nd from left? Photo late 1920s/early 1930s?

      3rd photo - Your grandad, probably about 70+? - so very late 1950s. Wouldn't that be his wife, not a sister? (looks like she's got two broken arms? or maybe longsleeves? Very little resemblance to either girl in the first photo, more like the lady in the middle of the next photo.*

      Last photo - the chap in the light suit is the one in the top photo - the chap on the right ... not so sure he's the other one on the left of the top photo - could be, but he's aged far more than the other chap - maybe the moustache doesn't help. Photo perhaps some 7 or 8 years after the top photo - early to mid 1930s at latest.

      * so the lady in the middle could have become a bit plumper by the 1950s?
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