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Possible date for photo?

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    Possible date for photo?

    This photo just came to light a few weeks ago - we had forgotten we even had it because of the "cloud of uncertainty" over whether this side of the family even belonged on OH's family tree.

    DNA says yes and when we were cleaning up the spare room we found two photos.

    If this is Thomas Meehan (written on the back) it is hubby's great grandfather who died in 1904 - Australia. We don't have a birthdate for Thomas.

    Thank you to anyone who could help with dating:

    Grandfather Meehan ( Thomas) - Copy.JPG

    If it is the Thomas Meehan who was buried in Liverpool, N S W ,husband of Alice, father of Alfred J, Find a Grave suggests birth circa 1856.


      brentor boy Thank you for that.

      That is the right Thomas (but with what looks like the wrong grave photo on the second entry!) and will give me a start on birth dates I really am starting from scratch with this.

      I would still appreciate dating of the photo (if possible) by someone, to rule out it being a photo of a later Thomas.


        You may already have this but I came across it when I was looking for an obituary, hoping to learn something of his past.
        From TROVE.
        Evening News, Sydney. 15 Nov 1904.
        Family Notices.
        Meehan. 13th instant.
        Thomas Meehan, Terminus Street, Liverpool. Aged 48 years. Leaving wife and eight children.

        Mudgee Guardian and North Western Representative. 18 Nov 1909.
        Report of death of Arthur J Meehan. Killed by lightning.

        The Biz. Fairfield. 24 May 1945.
        Obituary notice of Alice Meehan, naming children (incuding married names).

        Sydney Morning Herald. 30 May 1945.
        Will of Alice Meehan


          Thank you again brentor boy

          I will follow those hints up.

          This side of OH's family has been left in abeyance for nearly 20 years since the rumour came to light that OH's father might have been the result of Oh's grandfather's fling with someone else.

          No way of proving or disproving till DNA came along.