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Non-con churches EDIT: Moravian Church info wanted

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    My Ariel lot were all non-conformists, seemed to be mostly Baptist. All around Bristol.

    "Missing Agatha's" aunt, in her will of 1843, gave 200 pounds each to:

    Colonial Church Society
    Church Missionary Society
    Moravian Missionary Society
    London Missionary Society
    Baptist Missionary Society
    Society for Promoting Christianity among the Jews
    Hibernian Society for the Promotion of Scriptural Education in Ireland
    Foreign Bible Society
    Bristol Female Misericordia Society

    That is how they are named, so presume they were all attached to various NC groups around Bristol at the time.

    Now this lady started life as a Kirkby from Yorkshire and C of E. Her mother was a Sawrey from Lancashire and stayed staunchly Roman Catholic all her life.



      Are we looking at Hertfordshire?

      There are over 300 Maynards on the Non-Parochial Registers. Can't find any Herts,
      but there are quite a few London.

      My Ariels were all born in Bristol but a lot of theirs say London as that is where Dr Williams Library records were kept apparently. When I got the actual certs, they all had Bristol as the address.

      Just a thought.


        ...and I should have said "Most of those burial grounds have long since vanished" and go unmarked and unremarked, except in the most obscure sources.

        A lot depends on the ultimate fate of the church - was it abandoned, sold, etc?

        Where I live (West Cornwall) there has recently been a project to tidy up and restore a small Quaker burial ground which is on the Moors, miles from anywhere, and dates to the mid 1600s-late 1700s. There were only a few Quakers in West Cornwall at that time, but they purchased this small area to use as their burial ground, presumably because they could not find anywhere else more suitable/convenient.

        The Site had been quite forgotten for 200 years.



          Kempston is in Bedfordshire not Herts. Whenabouts are you looking, Merry?
          ~ with love from Little Nell~
          Chowns, Dunt, Emms, Mealing, Purvey & Smoothy


            Originally posted by Harrys mum View Post

            Are we looking at Hertfordshire?
            I wish I knew!!

            William Maynard d 1765/6 at Kempston, Beds. His last child was born there and maybe the other 6 too. Either his father or his father-in-law lived at Hitchin, Herts. He (the f or f-i-l) and his wife had both died by 1760ish.

            This info comes from the diaries of one of the sons of William, my ggg-grandfather. He also states when his mother died to within a few months, but I can't find her either. :(



              If I fall over a Maynard gravestone I'll make a note of it, but not likely to as church is C of E and the cemetery is later than your date as I think is the Quaker burial ground.

              Have you tried looking on the non-conformist burial registers in RG4 at Nat Archives, available online but don't have details to hand!
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                No....will investigate


         "The Catalogue"??


                    Sorry thought you wanted Herts.

                    There is a Sarah 1798 Birth Bedfordshire and Baptism Middlesex (not sure if same person).

                    Then there's (all births Bedfordshire)
                    Kezia 1800
                    Susannah 1802
                    Elizabeth 1810
                    John 1812
                    James 1813
                    Mary 1816.


                      Erm....Hmmm....none of those ring bells, but they wouldn't if I don't know about them yet!

                      What site were those from?


                        Sorry Merry....they're from the Non-Parochial BMD register.


                          Thanks Libby!! I'll take a look tomorrow!


                            Originally posted by Little Nell View Post
                            There is a Moravian church to this day - The Moravian Church of the British Province
                            and it was founded in Bohemia (modern Czech republic or Slovakia, don't know which) 1457. The site lists current congregations, - non in Herts, but a group in Bedford.
                            Bohemia is Czech Republic not Slovakia but Moravia is also a ' province ' of the Czech Republic, so it was probably founded in Moravia not Bohemia.



                              Thanks. I failed my geography 0-level!
                              ~ with love from Little Nell~
                              Chowns, Dunt, Emms, Mealing, Purvey & Smoothy