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Research in Ireland.

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    Research in Ireland.

    Happy Christmas everyone............

    I have steered away from even starting my Irish research, but have had an offer I can't refuse.

    My sister is living in Dublin for a while and has the next two weeks off work.

    I need to tell her how and where to start.

    I can get back to my great grandfather's baptism...Patrick Bowler 1852 in Firies, Kerry.

    I know his parents were Patrick Bowler and Deborah Brosnahan.

    Does anyone know how I can get some info on their marriage. It is pre 1864 so there won't be a cert, but hope the PRs may be in Dublin somewhere.

    Also I need to know how to find what happened to the other children of Patrick and Deborah who stayed in Ireland after Patrick (jun) went to New Zealand.



    Assuming your folk are Catholics then anything pre 1864 is going to be Parish Records. All Parish Records for RC are still with the various Catholic Churches across the country but microfilm of all Parish Records have been deposited in the Dublin National Library.

    However, for Kerry you will need permission to be able to view the records in Dublin NL, so you or your sister will need to write to the Bishop of Kerry, requesting permission to view these Parish Records. If you do not have that letter of permission then you will be refused access to the records at the Dublin NL. There is no problem with getting the permission which only lasts about 1 month but you have to abide by the rule to get at the records.

    Google Kerry Diocese for the address to write to.

    The following is the website for National Library Dublin which will give you all the info you need for a visit there. Click on Family History section for further information

    National Library of Ireland - Homepage

    If you want Protestant Records then you will need to go to the Dublin National Archives. Some of these were lost Remember most people were RC in Ireland.
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      Thanks, Janet.

      They were Catholic, so I'll get her to organise the letter and go from there.