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I don't believe this........more than co-incedence

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    I don't believe this........more than co-incedence

    I have a chap in my tree, at first glance a b-i-l to my g g/f.

    Digging deeper he was head of the house in 1881 where my g g/f and his children were living (g g/f lost his wife two years earlier).

    When g g/f remarried this chap was witness to the marriage, continued to bring up the children of the first marriage and was always in the same street as my g g/f.

    My g g/f named a child with the middle name Graby, (the surname of this chap) as did some of the children Mr Graby helped to raise over the years. At one point he was a pub landlord and one of the children became the landlord of the same pub.

    Now to cap it all after months of trying to find the burial plot for my g g/f i have found something interesting, the monumental inscriptions showed an entry but i could never find a stone, one headstone drew me over (as they do :D) and it was the stone for a certain Mr Graby, now according to the Lincoln Cemetery Registers on family history online the two chaps are buried in the same cemetery with consecutive plot numbers!!

    They appear on the same census pages right from birth, never far apart throughout life it seems that they lie close (if not alongside) each other to this day. Most of my finds about g g/f are because of George Graby, he feels more like family than some of my family do.

    Don't overlook the little things, you never know just how important they can be.

    Another little tip that might help with burials etc

    If you use a family tree prog that allows you to record burial details and print them out as a report then record the details in the proper place, that way when you print the report it is easier to see who is buried where more easily. I didn't do this, now it's taking ages to put everything where it should be, but the results are proving worthwhile. Seeing as i have what now looks like something close to 100 burials in one cemetery (17,000+ plots) i can at least make a visit armed with some clues for locations.
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