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    bmd registers online

    I have not seen this mentioned before and cannot find it on the WIKI. Apologies if this is old news to everyone.

    BMD Registers: The Official Non-Parochial BMDs Service

    in association with TNA.

    At £2.50 to view the image and/or record it is expensive but could break down that brick wall if you are getting desperate.

    Quoting from the site:

    "Non-Conformist Records
    Methodists, Wesleyans, Baptists, Independents, Protestant Dissenters, Congregationalist, Presbyterians, and Unitarians plus many more. Quakers and Fleet Marriages coming soon....

    Purchase credits
    Credits cost 50p each.
    Standard searching is FREE; viewing a full record or page image costs 5 credits; performing an advanced search costs 1 credit.
    After payment has been received you will be returned to the page you were viewing.
    Why are the credits priced at 50p
    The variation in images, styles and formats has meant that in many cases the records have to be scanned manually. The transcription of these records is also difficult due to the variation in format and content. This has resulted in high project costs."


    Yes, I think this has been mentioned before and we came to the conclusion that it is probably a last resort, rather than a first thought, lol!

    Much of the stuff is available elsewhere for free (probably not the images though).

    But of course, every resource is a valuable one and so is this one, if used with care.



      The Dr. Williams' Library entries can give you lots of info including the names of the maternal grandparents. I would recommend looking at the image rather than the transcription. But because you have to use credits for the "advanced search", do try everything else that you can do for free first so that you will hopefully have an idea of whether it is going to be the right entry before you shell out to look! For instance, you might find the entry on the IGI and there may be extra info on the BMD Registers entry (or there may not.)

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