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    Originally posted by cbcarolyn View Post
    I wonder if they got married, there must be plenty that just say they are. Especially as she must have been pregnant fairly soon after the death of his first wife.

    I tried Briggs too, and tried without Groves in case she had been married before.
    Yeah I've tried all sorts of combinations, but can't find it. They clearly didn't realise how frustrating that would be 60 years later!

    I'm still hopeful.. haha. It makes it really hard to be comfortable you have the right person, when you don't have the clues to parents that you get on a marriage cert.
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      Is there any other tactic for trying to identify Amelia's parents? There are no 'Groves' born at the same time in the right area, but I feel the 1847 'Grove' in Uxbridge is the likely candidate. There are others in Kensington that are just as likely as well though seeing as how the dates and birth districts seem to change so much.

      I can't find any document that has William and Amelia on that also references her family.. stuck.. and I don't like making assumptions.

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        Currently working on 'Lillian' Biggs, who I believe could actually be Lydia Biggs b. Oct 1884.

        If this 1911 census is the correct one, Lillian has had a line run through the childrens details.. have you seen that before? Who would have done that? She's listed as married, though no husband is at the address, so I'm wondering if she didn't actually marry either?

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          The 1911 census was the first census where the form was completed by the household (assuming they were able). I think the red lines were the enumerator - but cannot think why they did it. Perhaps they didn't like the 2 children that followed and thought the numbers wrong? That seems a bit of a long shot to me though
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          Researching: Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon; Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
          Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff


            Interesting, thanks Carolyn. It's also odd that she's listed as married but still shows with her maiden name?