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Genealogy podcasts anyone?

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    I hope I'm not too boring lol
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      A reminder that the last series of AGRA podcasts is still available - - and I'm pleased to announce that six new podcasts will be made available monthly, from September.

      Produced by AGRA Associate (and ex BBC journalist) Nick Serpell, the subjects for this series will be ....

      September: Commissioning Effective Research: How to commission a professional genealogist
      and ensure you get the results you want and the best value for money.

      October: Legal & Chancery Records. Equity Court records are a rich mine of information and can
      be vital in researching even humble ancestors and their families.

      November: Researching Welsh Ancestors. Wales has its own history and culture which requires a
      different approach to researching family history. Our experts show you the best way forward.

      December: Manorial & Estate Records. For hundreds of years the Manor was the basic system
      of local government in England & Wales. This podcast explains how to access and use the many
      documents it produced.

      January: Researching Liverpool Ancestors. Liverpool became a colourful melting pot of
      immigrants from Ireland and further afield as well as having strong connections with the slave
      trade. It provides a rich field for family research.

      February: The Poor Law Before the Welfare State the Poor Law was the only source of relief for
      the poor and destitute. Our experts examine how it worked and what records it produced.
      I am a professional researcher, and ex- deputy registrar, based in Buckinghamshire - please contact me for any help/advice or research via PM or my website
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        I listened to a great podcast this afternoon but can’t remember where I first heard about it. I think it might have been in an article by Paulc. It was an episode from the podcast Digging up 1800 by Suzie Lennox

        Anyway for anyone who has an interest in the history of medicine, ill health and surgery, this was a great listen if a bit gruesome in places!

        I want to read a couple of the books mentioned now - both by Suzie Grogan, one called Death, Disease and Dissection and the other called Shell-Shocked Britain. Has anyone read them?

        Main research interests.. CAESAR (Surrey and London), GOODALL (London), SKITTERALL, WOODWARD (Middlesex and London), BARBER (Canterbury, Kent), DRAYSON (Canterbury, Kent), CRISP (Kent) and CHEESEMAN (Kent).


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          The book A tomb with a view by Peter Ross is a good read
          My Family History Blog Site: