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    Probably this one then?

    11 Baptist Row, Bleanllcha, Rhondda.
    John Davies 24
    Mary E Davies 24
    Mary Ann Davies 5
    Green Irne Davies 2
    William John Davies 3/12
    Mary A Anthony 50 Mother in law
    Gwilym Anthony 17
    Alexander Anthony 14
    Lily Maud Anthony 12

    GRO Reference: 1911 M Quarter in PONTYPRIDD Volume 11A Page 581

    edit: I should have dgone to bed. You've all been posting and I missed all that!
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      Always good for more than one person to reach the same conclusion - now we have three


        Guys! I am so sorry- I forgot i had signed up to this forum and posted! I posted on so many places and got myself in such a tizz that I gave up and started my grandmothers side instead. I Will take a look at all your replies - goodness you are all so helpful. Thank you!

        I will go back to grandad once I have looked through all your replies. I may delete the ancestry tree and start again as somebody gave me a reply over there, I changed my tree but now I think it may be wrong.

        I need to set my account to get notifications of replies to my posts so I don't forget;-)

        Thank you


          Okay so looking back I can see i posted this before moving on. I have got some info since then but got stuck again before temporarily giving up.

          My great grandparents were John & Mary (nee Anthony). John's parents were Hector born 1850 and Mary Ann (nee Rees) born 1845. Hector's birth certificate names him as the illegitimate daughter of Sarah Davies. Hector's marriage certificate names his father as John Davies hence confusion. The 1851 census has him living with his aunt, Margaret.

          I found a Sarah Davies bornn1806 and a John Davies born 1802 who married in 1858 after Hector's birth although I am not even sure these are correct.

          And that is where I got stuck. Any help mich appreciated now that I have figured out how to subscribe! Thanks so much in advance.