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    ancestry thrulines

    what do we make of this feature? personally it's hit and miss, but have found a few links quickly using it. however a little puzzled by it tonight.

    it has suggested potential parents of my ancestor thomas poole (c.1807-1833 hawkesbury, gloucester). it tells me 7 dna matches descend from edward poole (1774-1848) and mary butler (1778-1862) of tetbury, gloucester, and justifies this by using ancestry trees....yet none of the trees have my thomas in them? all of these trees have their thomas b.1808 tetbury, but emmigrating to canada and dying there in 1882.

    the poole's of gloucester and wiltshire are a convoluted mess, so many of them using the same names. but ancestry is right in that every match with a "poole" i have is a descendant of this family from tetbury. but it is accepted that the thomas in canada is theirs, and his descendants are close matches with the poole/butler family.

    so is ancestry onto something? or is it just nuts, like their hints?

    Think its hit and miss like hints. I have had some useful ideas from thrulines and one real gem but some are clearly wrong.


      Well, it was really good for figuring out which line a few cousins descended from, as their trees, like mine, had been private but indexed. Ancestry's ThruLines just up and gave the connections from the previously-known MRCA.

      On the other hand, I suspect that the ThruLines are only as good as the research that the tree was built with. And there are enough disparaging remarks made about trees on Ancestry to know that they should be verified.

      I've also seen ThruLines be quirky about small spelling differences. The ThruLine shows a connection to one MRCA but doesn't show a connection to an MRCA (also shared) spouse, and similar.
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