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Bridget Conboy born c.1856 Roscommon

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    Bridget Conboy born c.1856 Roscommon

    Looking for any connections to my Gt Grandmother -

    Bridget Brady nee CONBOY born c.1856 Roscommon.

    She was married in Rathmines Co Dublin - father's name Patrick Conboy, a Coachman.

    Sister or sister-in-law, Ann Conboy....she was the sponsor to 2 of Bridget and Michael Brady's children at their baptisms.

    Can't help, Teresa, but just didn't want you to feel you were being ignored. I know Irish genealogy is tricky, so I hope someone else can help you. You could also try looking in the Wiki.
    ~ with love from Little Nell~
    Chowns, Dunt, Emms, Mealing, Purvey & Smoothy


      Hi Nell

      I will have a look in the Wiki...if I can get my head around a stinking cold so have to partake in some Irish whisky to make me feel better!


        Sorry unfortunately can't help with Irish ancestry

        but just wish to add a thought for when you start to get to grips with your Irish research.

        Have you thought that the name might originally be CONROY and got mistranscribed at some point. I have a friend who's family name was CONROY from Co Dublin.

        Researching Irish families: FARMER, McBRIDE McQUADE, McQUAID, KIRK, SANDS/SANAHAN (Cork), BARR,


          Hi JBee

          The surname is def CONBOY but I've noticed on a couple of the baptism and birth certificates that I have, that it could be mistaken for CONROY as the writing is not very good. But Bridget's Marriage certificate says quite clearly CONBOY as do all the rest that I have.

          Perhaps your friend should consider the surname never know.


            That's the trouble it could be either.

            I have ANDREW and ANDREWS which are two totally different surnames unfortunately. What a difference a letter makes!!!

            Friend hasn't really started her research yet but managed to find her family in the 1911 census which was really exciting for her.

            Wish my irish rellies were so easy to find!! lol

            Researching Irish families: FARMER, McBRIDE McQUADE, McQUAID, KIRK, SANDS/SANAHAN (Cork), BARR,


              JBee...Don't fret..I'm sure you will find your Irish rellies somewhen.

              I've been searching for 4 years trying to trace my Brady line...only had my Gran's name...nothing else apart from the fact that my grandparents lived in Dublin City in 1914 when Mum's eldest sister was born.

              Had a really big breakthrough when I phoned one of my cousins last year to ask how her Mum was as she is in a home suffering from dementia.

              My cousin, Susan, happened to have her Mum's address book at the time and I was asking Susan if she knew of any Irish relatives. "No" she said "but there are some relatives in Mum's address book that I know are related to our family but don't know how".

              I quickly wrote down all the details and phone nuymbers and quickly found some 2nd cousins...who are descended from our Brady line! Oh Joy of Joys!!

              One lived in America and she sent me photcopies of all her family's Birth, Baptism and marriage certificates...AND the death certificate of my Gt and Gt Gt Grandfather Brady. (Her Gran and mine were sisters) I then discovered somebody in Wales on GR who was descended from the same sister of my Gran's. She had been trying to obtain her Gran's birth Certificate from Ireland but they send the wrong one...either that or her Gran's birth wasn't registered. Anyway, I had a copy of her Gran's Baptism Certificate...which I quickly sent to her....she sent me back a photo of my Gran's sister when she was in her 60' mistaking that they were sisters.. I can tell you!

              All of this just because I asked my cousin one simple question.....I still can beleive my good fortune...I reckon Mum must have been looking down on us....she died back in 1992.


                Unfortunately I have no idea at all where in Ireland they come from, they were born c1799 - c1865 and are several different families.

                All the census's say is born Ireland - got really excited once - thought we'd found a place but it was just the accent and meant born in Ireland!!! shucks.

                Researching Irish families: FARMER, McBRIDE McQUADE, McQUAID, KIRK, SANDS/SANAHAN (Cork), BARR,



                  Why are the Irish always so would think that they would have been proud of where they were born...but so much turmoil between the English and Irish back then.

                  Hope you have a breakthrough on at least I Irish family member. Perhaps 2008 is the year for you!



                    Baptisms pre 1864 in Ireland are Parish Records. Catholic Parish Records are with all the churches all over Ireland but Microfilm records of these are in Dublin Library. If Protestant then these records are in the National Archives in Dublin.

                    At present Irish Heritage Centres are bringing online "all" the parish records and if you go to the following site then you will see by the map that Roscommon is already available.

                    Irish Family History Foundation - Online Searching of Irish ancestral and genealogy records (Births, Deaths, Marriages) for Ireland

                    However the normal cost to look for an ancestor is quite high at 10 Euros or £7 a go, but at present until Midnight on 28 December there is a special offer of 5 euros a go so you may like to look at this site. However, I am not at all convinced that all the records have been transferred, hence my sceptical quote marks around "all" parish Records in my previous sentence! I cannot find on there, records that I know should be there!

                    You may also like to google "Roscommon" as I understand that there are more Parish Records for Roscommon online than for any other county for free, but you have to use a lot of google to find them! For example try googling Roscommon+Conboy.

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                      Janet..............I've been on that site and it does seem quite expensive, even with the discount.

                      I know Kerry isn't on there yet, but wonder where they are getting "all" the Kerry records from.
                      Someone in my lot a few years ago spent hours in the Parish offices checking on some names and found about half their records were completely unreadable. A lot had severe water damage and even holes in the paper so there will still be a few missing.
                      Just thought I'd let you know because if people think they are complete, they may start looking elsewhere and get in a real pickle.




                        You have my greatest sympathy! I know all about the heartache of tracing Irish ancestors! My lot come from Tipperary, which is one of the "closed counties"!! This means that I have to resort to the Heritage Centres or find other means! I was lucky enough to find "other means" when I got a sight of the Parish Registers in one area which took my family back to 1798! However, a marriage and two sibling baptisms are missing, and I have not long been back from Ireland trekking around all the neighbouring parishes. cap in hand looking for these. I looked at about 8 parishes, paid my donations and got nowhere!

                        I know very well the online ones are not all there which is why I am warning people to be careful. There are some Tipperary ones missing that I know are in the church registers and there are many Wexford ones that are not on there because the Wexford Heritage Centre has not got half of my OH's family which we have also found in the church registers, and yes I think they are horrendously expensive, but for those with Tipp ancestors there is little choice!! After many years of fruitless searching I may have to bite the bullet to see if I can find these two baptisms and one marriage, and pay the Tipperary Heritage Centre to have a look. If they cannot come up with the goods then that is my brick wall which may never tumble!

                        Where are the records coming from?

                        Sometime in the late 1970's, early 1980's the EEC paid Ireland to come up with a project to keep some of their unemployed young ones occupied by enlisting their young people to copy the data from the registers into a format which was then digitised later. This was done for FREE through our EEC taxes!!! And like many transcriptions will be open to many errors!!!!

                        Many people are now quite upset because Ireland has been making a killing from these Heritage Centres, but it is not just English people who are upset, but also many Irish people are upset by these swingeing rates, as they also have to pay for their own heritage. In the past the Americans often fuelled this expensive tracing, by unwittingly being quite happy to pay over the odds to get the info they wanted, but apparently according to my friendly Irish B&B, the American Genealogical market has cooled down considerably so maybe the costs will come down, but as I have said before unless you have the means to get to Ireland and do your own research then these online ones have you over a barrel at the moment, and as an experienced Irish Researcher, I do not know of any other ways to offer Australians any other means of research for these parish records.

                        I am watching to see just how many people are going to be prepared to pay the prices they are asking for, knowing that all the records will not be there. I do make this point each time I "recommend" the site.

                        The microfilmed records for RC in the Irish National Library in Dublin and the C of E Parish records in the National Archives iin Dublin are your only real best bet for all Irish Parish Record Tracing as long as you can afford the money and time to get there.
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                          Hi Janet

                          I've had a quick look on the Irish Family History Foundation - Online Searching of Irish ancestral and genealogy records (Births, Deaths, Marriages) for Ireland but can't pin her down on there.

                          I do know the names of her parents from her marriage record in the RC Church in Rathmines Parish Records...just don't know her DOB...which is frustrating. c.1856 is the best I can come up with. I will try your other suggestions for Googling Rosscommon+Conboy.