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Canada birth, 1816?

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    Canada birth, 1816?

    Hello there,

    I have an ancestor who was born around 1816 in Canada, both her parents and descendants were born in Scotland. I once had a message from someone (contact now lost) who believed that the lady was born in Canada as her father was likely involved in military activities in Canada at that time. I have no information on where in Canada she was born.

    Are there any places I can look online or resources that I can access to gain more information about this birth? I am located outside Canada and the resources that I have seen online don’t seem to go back as far as 1816.


    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    I don't know for sure, but think that the best you can probably hope for is a baptism record. As you have already discovered, Canada was a huge, sparsely populated area with very little record keeping at that time. Bit of a long shot, but if the father was in the military, there may be a record of an army baptism - have you found any military paperwork for the father to inform you as which regiment he served with? What happened to the lady in later years - did she marry, where did she live, would she have been recorded in any census returns? Depending on which country she lived in, census returns might indicate her country of birth. If she remained in Canada, then later census could also indicate nationality of her parents, a death registration could name her parents and also state her place of birth.

    You will find some links to various Canada records in our reference library, accessed by the tab at top left of the page, under the logo tree. I think you would need to then go into "World Index" and take it from there. There's some useful stuff in there about all sorts of areas of genealogy, including the military.

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      This is the official Library and Archives Canada site

      Try working your way through it ...... they have all sorts of records that you can search.

      There is not, and never has been, any central site for bmds, everything is by province.
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        Thank you both for your helpful replies.

        The lady is recorded in Scottish census as born in Canada c.1816, and she died in Glasgow, Scotland in 1886. Her father was born c.1778 and died c.1846 but I don't have the locations for either of these. Her mother was born in 1789 in Ayrshire, Scotland, and died in 1866 in Glasgow, Scotland. I don't have any military information at all for the father. I am really keen to find out what he was doing in Canada.

        I will take a look at those resources, thanks!


          P.S. The lady was married in 1850 in Glasgow.