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Welsh Family Tree, Help Please

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    Welsh Family Tree, Help Please

    My brain is so fried I have never researched such a hard family tree!

    Its my cousins North Welsh Family and it is so difficult never have I come across so many with the name Davies who marries a Davies and MMN are Davies.

    I am looking for a Sarah Jane Davies, I have found her on the 1939 register she states her DOB is 17 Dec 1907, with her husband John Morgan who happens to call himself Jack to confuse it even more. They have one child with them, Tegwen M Davies the rest of the records are closed.

    I am trying to find Sarah Jane's birth lol, my question is how accurate do you think the DOB'S are on the 1939 register? I am struggling to find her birth, I wanted to find out her MMN, knowing my luck it will be Davies as this name seems to keep recurring lol.

    I have their marriage details I think its the right one, Jack Morgan marries Sarah Jane Davies in 1930, LLandovery, Carmarthenshire 11a 2179. So because of this I have used these areas LLandovery and Carmarthenshire as my search places.

    I cannot find a birth in 1907 in the Dec Quarter, so I was then thinking if the year was wrong may be Quarter would right so looked in other years 1906 to 1908 I have found a few but cannot work out which one might be right. The one I felt might be right was Jan Q.

    Has anyone got any ideas please.

    To answer your question ............. not all are accurate!

    I wouldn't like to try to estimate how many are wrong, but certainly I have come across a lot.

    My grandfather has his wrong birth date, but then he lied about that and his age from at least the day he married at age 17 until he died. Even his death certificate is wrong because his son knew no different.

    Often the day will be wrong, plus the month or the month not the date.

    The year can be wrong, or all 3 (my grandfather!)

    It all depends on how truthful was the person, or whoever gave the information.

    Most people (except my grandfather!) seem to keep the date as their birth date, but that is not a golden rule!

    You really need to buy her marriage certificate to see who she names as her father, and then use that as the basis for finding her birth.

    I run into the same problems with my OH, whose mother was born in Wales, and there are common names running all through her ancestors which drive me crazy!
    My grandmother, on the beach, South Bay, Scarborough, undated photo (poss. 1929 or 1930)

    Researching Cadd, Schofield, Cottrell in Lancashire, Buckinghamshire; Taylor, Park in Westmorland; Hayhurst in Yorkshire, Westmorland, Lancashire; Hughes, Roberts in Wales.


      Yes Gwen, I agree, you need the marriage certificate.
      Chrissie passed away in January 2020.


        Given the limited and imprecise information you have, the closest birth I can see is Sarah Jane Davies, Llandovery Mar 1908. Mmn Thomas. I think it quite likely that registration would have been delayed until after Christmas.


          And of course, check the image rather than just the transcript. Just this week found two siblings in the 1939 register born two months apart according to the transcript, but careful examination of transcript shows transcribed 1906 is really 1905 in one case. The other 1906 was good. Phew!