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  • Posted India X FRC???

    On an ancestors WW1 service record it's stamped between his service in the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and transfer to the Royal Welsh Fusilliers "Posted India X FRC 7 June 1916" What exactly is this referring to?

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    No mention of India in for either unit during 1916. The Yorkshire unit had served there in 19th century.
    They were involved in many of the same battles in France. Was he transferred because of some shortage in RWF?
    What could FRC mean?


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      I would suggest that you Google WW1 and India to see if there is any mention.

      Men were often moved between units, battalions, etc, either as men were killed and replacements were needed, or because of some special skill.

      It might remain a secret for ever!

      There was certainly something going on in India around that time. My grandfather was attested to the Manchester Regiment but after training he was transferred to the new Machine Gun Corps, presumably because he had proved skillful with machine guns and rifles (that was one of the major criteria for that specialised force).

      There is then a gap of almost 10 months in his records from that transfer in October 1916 until the fact that he is in Bombay and boarding a ship to Basrah "Mesopotamia" (Iraq) in July 1917.

      The records for the MGC were mysteriously destroyed in the early 1920s, after the MGC had been disbanded. It is almost as if it ever existed!

      Everything that he told my mother (b. 1903) who told me many years later was connected with crossing the Mediterranean, flying fish, and "Mesopotamia". No mention of fighting in France or being in India.
      My grandmother, on the beach, South Bay, Scarborough, undated photo (poss. 1929 or 1930)

      Researching Cadd, Schofield, Cottrell in Lancashire, Buckinghamshire; Taylor, Park in Westmorland; Hayhurst in Yorkshire, Westmorland, Lancashire; Hughes, Roberts in Wales.


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        My ancestor was transferred to RWF, ended up in Mesopotamia and died within a very short time it's thought at the Battle of Kut al Amara. I'm presuming that India was a staging point on the journey but what exactly the "Posted......" refers to is interesting.


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          Andrew, I have looked at literally hundreds of acronyms FRC, some most amusing, but the only one that seems to come to a logical explanation is “Full route clearance” and with association to an overseas posting seems to make some sense. Of course, there is no confirmation that this may be the correct answer.
          Whoever said Seek and Ye shall find was not a genealogist.